We're always poking around for great puzzle games on Android, and these are some of the very best available in the Google Play Store. You'll find a nice range of starkly abstract to friendly and cartoony, physics games and logic games, and just about everything else in between.

Of course, these are just our top ten puzzle games for Android; feel free to drop a comment and let us know what you're playing.


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The best puzzle games for Android


Hitman Go, Monument Valley, and the Room 2 I am in the middle of all of them and they are all great, but I have to say MV is the most beautiful mobile game I have ever played.

I just got MV a few days ago, when it was on sale. It's absolutely gorgeous. I just wish it had more levels.

Also, we should probably point out that some of its features (signing in to Google Play, for one) aren't available if you're using ART.

I don't understand the ART restrictions. All the other games I play can sign into Google Play with ART runtime enabled.

I don't either, but then again, I'm not a developer. I have no idea how any of this works at a technical level.

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I can't wait to play Monument Valley. Can't believe I missed this one. I just spent $15 on Dragon Quest 4 so I'm keeping my wallet shut til next paycheck.

They're not new, but the Quell series (Quell, Quell: Reflect, and Quell: Memento) are some of my go-to games. They're fun, challenging, and have very nice, relaxing music.

I'll add Blueprint 3D. Also some oldies but goodies: Hamster Cannon, Machinarium, Paper Toss, Pivvot, Puddle, and Badland.

Joining Hands, Icebreaker, Quell Memento. More people should know about the first one. First chapter of this game is probably one of the most original and brainstorming gameplays in casual puzzle genre.

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I got Threes for free with Amazon Coins and I'm glad I didn't spend real money on it. Repetitive and the cutesy voices and music get old eventually. Fun at first, then a snooze. People like it because they can play one-handed.

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Agree 100% about the room 2, contre jour and world of goo. Never got the appeal of threes or splice. Blek, monument valley and hitman go all look interesting. Cheers.

Machinarium, Badland and Monument Valley are some of the most beautiful games I've ever played; well worth buying all of them, even if Badland isn't strictly a puzzler.

Monsters ate my birthday cake (A story based puzzler from Cartoon network) Great writing, personality and it's beautiful.
$5.00 on Play
On sale for $0.99 at Amazon (temporarily)

It takes me longer to eat a $3.99 cheeseburger than what some people say it takes to complete MV. I'll wait to see if they do any more levels.

Takes less time to make a rare filet than a cheeseburger but the cheeseburger is still cheaper. And if you really want to get into it, it takes months and millions of dollars to create a third of a blockbuster movie and I can see the third for $3.99 and that third lasts longer than the game.

Finished Monument Valley in one hour plus, still one of the best puzzle game. World of Goo is good addition. I tend to prefer 2048 over Threes. Another suggestion, long time favorite and old game Unblock Me.