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Tap away to your heart's content with these great keyboards for your Android device

One of the perks Android users have long since enjoyed is the ability to switch out the stock keyboard for a more preferable third-party solution. As the years have passed, the selection has got bigger and the quality of the apps available has continued to improve.

So, while our iOS using friends will still have to wait until iOS 8 arrives to try these things themselves, on Android we've got a pretty good selection to choose from. And here we round up some of the very best.



SwiftKey just recently went free to download on Android, but it's been a favorite for a long old time now. The prediction engine behind it has always been a draw, with it further enhanced by being able to learn how you write from your email and social media.

The new look SwiftKey boasts a multitude of visually appealing themes to choose from, a dedicated number row and SwiftKey Flow, the ability to write out text by dragging your finger across the screen. All while being fast and accurate. And now it's free there's never been a better time to try it out.



Swype can largely be credited with introducing us to the idea of typing while dragging our finger across the screen. Because that's the signature feature of this keyboard. It's perfectly possible to use it in a regular fashion by tapping away, but it's not quite the same.

Swype has been pre-installed on its fair share of smartphones over time – including most recently the Huawei Ascend P7 – and was in beta for quite some time. Nowadays it's a simple case of downloading from the Google Play Store and Swyping away. Try it free for 30 days



Minuum offers something quite different, unique even, among keyboard apps. As hinted at by its name, Minuum is a minimalist keyboard, taking up probably as little screen real estate as is possible for a keyboard and relying upon a strong auto-correction engine to make sure you're not just typing jibberish. As such there's a little bit of a learning curve involved when getting to grips with it for the first time, but once you're past that it's as productive as they come.

And it has a free version to try out for 30 days, too.

Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard

As with many of its apps, Google decided a while ago to split out its keyboard from the core operating system and offer it up through the Google Play Store. It isn't as full featured as something like SwiftKey, and is much more understated in its appearance.

But, it has decent predictions at its disposal as well as that SwiftKey Flow/Swype style dragging to type. And it looks almost the same as the stock AOSP keyboard too, which adds to its familiarity depending on which phone you picked up.



Flesky's party piece is knowing what you want to type even if you hit all the wrong buttons. It looks at where you tap not just what letter you hit and funnels that into its prediction engine to try and figure out what you want to say.

Add in to that a bunch of gesture support for space, delete and more and you've got a solid and productive Android keyboard. Oh, and it too has a free version to try out first.

Your picks

So, there are 5 of what we consider the very best keyboards Android has to offer. If you've a particular favorite from the list above or one that isn't mentioned, be sure to drop us a line in the comments and sing its praises!


Reader comments

The 5 best keyboard apps for Android


It is. I actually prefer it almost over anything I used on Android. For me though it's a close one between that and SwiftKey

Posted via Android Central App

I used to LOVE SwiftKey, and found it's predictions amazingly accurate. But over the past year or so, it's become almost unusable for me - it rarely if ever corrects misspellings and very often inserts incorrect words. Maybe I need to clear a history somewhere and let it build up it's library of my typing again. I had switched to the Google keyboard, but gave Swift another try about 2 weeks ago... nothing has changed, it's still terribly for me.

I've heard good things about Minuum, but I'm thinking it'll be another SwiftKey - it'll work at first but then take a dump.

I'll probably just stick with the Google keyboard - one more area that I'm finding bone stock Android is tough to beat.

Quite simply go into your settings and delete it's dictionary. sometimes it just learns TOO many words, and tries too hard to guess the right one. it'll get you back on track.

Same! I mean I really like Sony's Xperia keyboard in KitKat (comes with swipe-y stuff etc) but I just find that the Word Flow one on WP8.1 is just miles better than anything else I can find :( One thing that's annoyed me about the Sony keyboard is how if I accidentally press 'n' instead of space, the keyboard just thinks I'm typing a new word and doesn't realise my mistake but Word Flow is like "oh yep lets just put a space between those two words because that was clearly an accident"

My largest and perhaps biggest problem with standard keyboards is the 'n' problem you mentioned. If I give to hit the space bar, chances are I'll hit a letter above the bar, or I'll hit the home key and exit out all together. I found N A. I. Type keyboard where I could solve this problem by making the keyboard (and the space bar) larger. The downside is a size reduced primary screen. I'm going to look into Word Flow now. Thank you.

I couldn't say it better. Wordflow is By far better than any any any ANY keyboard on Android. The smartest keyboard from the emoticon predictions, ease to uppercase one letter or a whole word, the predictive algorithm, etc etc. Google keyboard is what I prefer, swiftkey, Swype, fleksy, not even close.
Posted via Android Central App

I love Minuum and every swiping keyboard. I wish Minuum had a swipe feature.

Right now I'm using SwiftKeys after a REALLY long time using Swype. Swype is still a whole lot better that SwiftKeys in word recognition in my experience, but that could also because Swype really knew me, man.

I'm in the same boat. Trying SwiftKey after using Swype exclusively for many years. I still don't find the SwiftKey flow to work as well as on Swype. I also don't use predictions all that much. Removing your finger from the keyboard to choose a prediction seems to slow things down.

I'm in the same boat as well. A feature I really like in SwiftKey that Swype needs to adopt is to add a dedicated number row.

Once Swiftkey knows you better it will predict the word you will want to type next to choose. So I have typed complete sentences off of the first word without actually touching the individual letters. Give it a little more time I think you will like it. I have also used Swype and I think you really can't lose with either.

In my experience, word predictions are only good when you are tapping. I admit it's cool not having to your a weird in at all, but once you are in your groove swyping is even faster imo.

The other thing that keeps bringing me back to swype is the shortcuts for select all, copy/cut/paste, change case, etc.

Posted via Android Central App

Switched to Swiftkey as well for a while, couldn't get used to it... Swiping without the bevy of gestures that Swype has got for capitalization and apostrophes and whatnot just isn't the same, they really nailed the core logic of swiping for speed. The fact that Swiftkey just gives up and sorta tilts like a pinball machine sometimes and doesn't offer ANY prediction is another major slowdown compared Swype and it's scrollable horizontal bar of predictions (also, when SK gets it wrong it only offers two alternate choices). I love SK on my tablet, went back to Swype on phone.

I'll say this tho, if you never bothered with the Swype tutorial or with learning the gestures and/or if you end up preferring a mix of tapping and swiping anyway, then you'll like Swiftkey better. It's simultaneous multi language recognition also works better (but it's trivial to switch in Swype, just swipe from the Swype key yo the spacebar). I also wish Swype's voice key linked to Google's regular voice thing rather than Dragon's but I don't use it a ton anyway.

If you are rooted and use xposed, install the "SwypeTweaks" module, it'll allow you to use Google's voice recognition with Swype instead of dragon

Posted via Android Central App

I've emailed the Dev about swipe action for Minuum, because I think it that would make it so much better, and take it to the next level. Yet they don't seem interested.

Posted via App

Tried SwiftKey for about a week (since it went free), didn't particularly care for it. Now back with Google Keyboard. Minuum is starting to talk to me. Not quite too sure.

Posted via Android Central App

+1 for TouchPal X! If a number row could be added, it would be truly the best. I use it on my phone, but Swiftkey on my tablet. I'm going to try TouchPal and possibly keep swiftkey as a backup.

I also enjoy Touchpal X! I still find Swype to be more up my alley though. Keeping Touchpal X on my phone for just a bit longer as I'm using the trial of their premium features.

Decided to give Swift Key a try after using Swype for a long time. I'm probably switching back. Swift Key is good, but I just like Swype better. If either one of them allowed me to delete words from the library I would stick with that one. Or if someone knows something I don't about how to do this please let me know. I also need to look up what the he!! the word "dint" means since i seem to type it a lot and have never used it!

Swype has some shortcut similar to copy and paste that deletes the word from the dictionary. I think it's (Swype key) then up. Or maybe long press the word when it comes up as a choice.

Posted via Android Central App

Swype allows you to delete words if you go into the setting and into My Words, and then Edit my dictionary. You can delete words in there

after looking at this it seems like this is only for words you have created not words in the actual dictionary, such as 'dint' as someone mentioned before

I think Swype deletes default words by tapping and holding the word suggestions above the keyboard and then confirming deletion. Also if you keep correcting swype with using a suggested word after a gesture input, it will start using the the word you want after a few corrections.

i've had Android since the very beginning & tried > 6 diff keyboards. i keep going back to the best: Swype.
not only is swyping very fast, but you've got access to numbers, special characters, int'l characters & voice typing. my favorite feature is having a D-pad with the capability of copying/cutting/pasting. Swype is easily the all around best.

I'm with you on this. I've tried both and think Swype does a better job at guessing what I' m trying to type if I'm off a little in my spelling. That, and i like the fact it throws up five words rather than three in its predictions along the top row (maybe swiftkey has a setting for this though tbh, not sure).

Nexus 5

Just long press on the suggested word and it will give you the option to delete it from the dictionary. Also tapping a user created word will offer the option to add it to the dictionary. Nice for long email addresses and passwords, etc. I also love swypes ability to copy and paste by swiping from the swype key to either c or v. Eliminates having to use the contextual keys android provides.

i tried to use each and everyone of these many times in the past and i did like swiftkey the most but theres no dening that samsung default keyboard is the most stable and lag free and smoothest to use. Would love to see windows phone keyboard on android, it was pretty awesome

Looks like Samsung keyboard is not good at spell checking. I prefer SwiftKey , over all the rest, Swype comes in a close second, Google keyboard in third place and Samsung fourth. Used SwiftKey to type this.

Posted via Android Central App

If you've tried all these and didn't like any of them (like myself) check out Kii Keyboard. I've probably tried every keyboard on the market over the years, and IMO, but never been happy with them. Kii Keyboard is worth checking out if you're looking for an awesome keyboard.

I keep hearing about this kii keyboard, but I'm addicted to SwiftKey and before that Google's alternative. What is it that pulls you to kii

Posted via Android Central App

Just a personal preference, for me at the time Kii was way ahead in the modifications you could make and the keyboard layout. Which I still think is more in depth in Kii. Typing this with SwiftKey and you is still coming up as 'toy'... ugh. It's all personal choice.

I used Swiftkey for ages and switched to Kii and haven't looked back. Customization being the big feature. You can basicly and simply make your own themes or install themes for Go keyboard, etc. Constant number row which I hear SwiftKey has added now, different layouts. User defined shortcuts, i use this all the time type EM and my email address shows up, etc. Give it a try, all the Pro features are included but expire after an hour. It really amazes me whenever I read these articles that Kii is NEVER included, I don't understand why.

I had the same problem. I wanted to like it but never could. Tried twice and keep going back to swiftkey

So much this. I use Fleksy now since I barely use swiping, but minuum was a nice keyboard. It just didn't have the best feel for me.

Posted via Android Central App

I prefer the LG keyboard with it's micro sized space bar.


I actually prefer the Google keyboard. It's simple, doesn't lag and it just works.

Right on, Joe. LG isn't bad at all. Is your issue with the space bar that it's too far to the left, not long enough, and the "," key often gets pressed instead? Lol. I wonder if the G3 corrects this

I hate that when you long-press a punctuation key to enter something else like ? or !, that key changes to enter that by default. I can't imagine why anyone thought that was a good idea. Otherwise, it's a pretty good keyboard for my tablet.

I've tried the Google keyboard, it's to simple for me didn't like the look.
I also have sywpe pre installed on my HTC one but sometimes when I'm tapping to type it trys to Swype .
I also installed swift key when it went free but for some reason there was a 2 second lag in my HTC one when I would click anywhere to type, and it's drawing predictions were not so good.
Windows phone keyboard is one of the best having had a lumia before but on android my HTC one keyboard is the best bar none ! The look and predictive text is awesome. Also has sywping features .

Have to agree with the swiftkey assessment. There was a lag for me too. Nothing works as cleanly as the stock Sense keyboard.

Posted via Android Central App

I've always had SwiftKey and I haven't gone back to stock!

Posted from my fast, furious, better than an iPhone, Moto G GPe

I keep trying them all, but keep going back to Kii Keyboard. It beats all of them.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm currently using SwiftKey and I do really like it! I also used the Kii keyboard for a few months and I loved it. It's the best all around keyboard in my opinion!! But SwiftKeys auto correct and punctuation correction is better in my opinion so that's why I switched.

I actually like my stock keyboard on my HTC One M8. It allows me to type in weird website names without it trying to figure out if its a different word. Unlike Swiftkey, which would just rename any website i type in to common words!! Sooo annoying!!

I've been using MessagEase since 2010, always set for Blank Keyboard. It's funny to see other people's faces while I'm typing on a black 3x3 grid! :-)

Posted via Android Central App

MessagEase ftw, since 2003 or so, but I don't always remember the punctuation well enough to use the blank keyboard.

Posted via Android Central App on my HP TouchPad (Schizoid PAC-ROM 4.2.2)

Been using SwiftKey for over two years and absolutely love it. It might be my favorite app. The heat map and predictive AI is pretty slick.

Posted via Android Central App

Swype came pre-installed on my old Galaxy SII Skyrocket. Got so used to it that I have to now install it on everything. Fortunately, it saves my dictionary to the cloud now!

+1 - got used to the pre-installed Swype on my Galaxy S3 and then S4, tried Swiftkey on my tablet but couldn't warm up to it. The paid version of Swype with Dragon wasn't as good at predicting my words for some reason, however, so I'm still trying to find the right keyboard for my tablet. I think it's currently set for Google keyboard. Off to try to delete some crap like 'dint' from my dictionary! I also get annoyed with Swype because it rarely offers me 'for' as a choice when I'm trying to swype 'for' - I usually get offered 'fir' and 'fur' and have to backspace and retype. But I don't want to delete those words from my dictionary!

Swype was so good.. autocorrected all my swipes accurately but after it became a paid app, it kept on crashing or slowing down to a crawl. I now use Swiftkey which isn't as good for autcorrecting but at least it doesn't crash

Try disabling "trending words", or what's called. It's almost always that feature causing Swype to lag or freeze. They really need to fix this, it's had the same issue since forever.

Been a long time user of Super Keyboard Pro as it's great for people with large fingers. I tried some of the aforementioned but always find solice in SKP.

Posted via Android Central App

TouchPal x.... Is my current has lasted a week so far

Found swiftkey was laggy on my note 3 and hated the way it managed auto spacing after word completion.

note 3
Posted via Android Central App

I tried the Swiftkey, but it is just unacceptably slow to start up compared to my Note 3s Samsung keyboard.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm a huge Fleksy fan and use Swiftkey a lot as well, but the problem with them is that they lag from time to time when I'm typing quickly, which sucks. However, I personally top fleksy because the ability to type anywhere and the convenient gestures are really nice.

Posted via Android Central App

SwiftKey ftw, love SwiftKey always had it since day one. Tried different types of keyboards but always come back to SwiftKey

Swiftkey for me. Even though I got it through Amazon free app of he day, I would have gladly paid for it before it became free.

I tried SwiftKey way back when, but switched back to the stock keyboard when it got swiping capabilities. But I'm back on SwiftKey since its last update because of the number row.

Google keyboard on every device. Don't care about prediction on keyboards but the auto correction works great for me and its the simplest in my opinion.

Posted via Android Central App

Minuum! Especially with their new custom themes. Still not as fast as swiping, but still an awesome keyboard.

Posted via Android Central App

Ever since I started using Android I've tried a few keyboards and always go back to Google. I wish I could get that "flick" feature I had on my Z10. Not much of a swiper. Could never get the hang of it. A SureType keyboard on Android would be nice too.

Posted with my MotoX

The previous version of SwiftKey annoyed me to no end, as it loved to autocorrect to weird things and was obstinate in allowing you to change it. The new version released when it went free is great, however, and I love the new themes. The Google keyboard is a good back-up.

In my opinion TouchPal X keyboard is by far the best. I use voice commands has swype. I mean this keyboard has everything.

I'm trying out SwiftKey after years of using Swype. I still like Swype better but they still don't have emoji support and I don't have time switch between 2 different keyboards.

TouchPal X here... I've seen it mentioned a few times in comments.. Shame it didn't make your list... Swiftkey and Swype? Too much Hype!

I prefer Quickwrite by Mobisystems. Good prediction engine, but also excellent save new word option to allow me to save medical abbreviations (of which I use a lot).

Posted via Android Central App

My review:
Swiftkey is best with tap input, moderately aggressive with autocorrect and slide input isn't that great.

Swype is best with sliding input but it is very aggressive with autocorrect when I use tap input.

Never tried the other keyboards and didn't use Google keyboard as much either.

Honorable Mention: Windows Phone's keyboard is nice with a good balance predictions, tap and slide inputs not very aggressive with autocorrect.

Iphone keyboard: great with tap input with high accuracy but hated the lack of suggestions and aggressive and cumbersome autocorrect.

Autocorrect matters to me because I type unconventional words i.e. words transliterated from my native language; and autocorrect tends to mess them up if not entered into dictionary, which I don't want to do as I don't want suggestions and corrections to appear for those words.

Try TouchPal, it has a very useful little switch that disables the autocorrect. I have the same problem and TouchPal meets my needs.

TouchPal X. I love the customization, the look, and the prediction. I've tried 4 out of your top 5, with swiftkey being the odd man out, and I still prefer TouchPal X.

Posted via Android Central App on my Big Red LG G2

Trying Google keyboard and I like it quite a bit! However it doesn't automatically correct typing errors I've made, and this is the main reason I won't consider it as my default keyboard.

Posted via Android Central App

I just switched from Google Keyboard to Swift and it is a better experience for me. Being an old man, I use numbers and punctuation and Swftkey does it better.

Ever since Google keyboard I haven't been able to go back to anything else. I used to be a huge fan of Swiftkey.

Posted via Android Central App

I've tried them all and my two favorites are Swiftkey and Kii. I'm surprised that Kii was not one of the Top 5 in this review!!

I use SwiftKey. I have used Go Keyboard and the Galaxy s5 keyboard and although I really prefer Apple's keyboard, I have settled with SwiftKey, especially since it has Emojis.

Posted via Android Central App

Fleksy rules. Swiftkey used to be my favorite but I just enjoy using Fleksy a lot more even though its predictive engine isn't nearly as good. Typing is really fast and fluid on Fleksy and I love its look. I tried Swiftkey's premium minimalistic themes, they are better than old ones but still feel rather unpolished compared to Fleksy's design.

Only Swiftkey supports more tham one language at the and time. For those of us that intermix words from different languages in the same sentence it is the only option available. All the other require you to stop and switch. Ridiculous.

This is exactly the reason why I still prefer SwiftKey over any other keyboard. Now, if default Google keyboard supported multiple languages at the same time, it would be perfect.

I'm a fan of TouchPal keyboard. I like the compact keyboard option and the resize options. Nice.

Posted via Android Central App

I like all of the above except Flesky. My go to is SwiftKey. I love having number row and the cursor arrows.

I gotta say Google keyboard. I know, boring. But it works.

Posted from the (4.2 updated) redheaded stepchild of the Nexii

I am typing this with Fleksy, which I really like, but my most favorite keyboard is Thumb Keyboard 4. I never hear much said about it, but it is COMPLETELY customizable and the prediction engine is awesome.

SwiftKey is now everything I wanted it to be. I have tried other keyboards, but I just can't live without the ability to have three languages active at once. Now that they've added a number row and finally updated their themes, I'm perfectly happy with it. I thought Christmas came early when they released that update a few weeks back.

Posted via Android Central App

Really kinda surprised A.I. Type Keyboard doesn't get more recognition. Tried using Kii and didn't really care for it. Haven't gotten used to gesture typing seems sloppy to me. I've tried many but I always seem to use A.I. mostly one of the big things originally was the added number row, now i won't go without it and with just a tap you got it all there.
If you are one who taps letters give a try you might just like it.

Posted via Android Central App

This. I end up having to type pretty accurately, which kinda defeats the point of the keyboard.

Posted via Android Central App

I went from Swype to Swiftkey and I was getting sick of the issues with SwiftKey, I saw a recommendation for "ai.type Keyboard" so I gave it a try, I've now bought the pro version as its very configurable. The developer is onto the one (minorish) issue I have with it. It allows you to resize the keyboard and change the themes and alter these to your requirements.

I think we need a poll for this. Seems like Swiftkey and Swype are the most popular. I use Swiftkey as it's learned most of my words across devices. Also the dedicated number row, the ability to reduce the miliseconds to long press an alternate character, are totally helpful. I also turn off vibration and sound. I think that slows a keyboard up.

I use ai type keyboard. It lets you modify it & it has an emoji keyboard as well.

Posted via Android Central App

Swype is by far the best but they broke it in recent updates. It lags now and takes an age to load up when you first need it...such a shame Swype...I have a Note 3. It's also lags on my wife's galaxy s5...

Footnote: It just lagged out during this post too...sigh

Posted via Android Central App

If SwiftKey's haptic feedback actually worked on my galaxy mega, i'd use it. But alas, no matter what, it doesn't.

I love SwiftKey. Whenever an upgrade or change to the OS causes Google keyboard to reappear, the first thing I do is change back. Love the long press for symbols and the # keypad.

Google keyboard wins in my book. Simple, uncluttered and smooth as silk.

°Sony XPERIA Z2 white
°LG Optimus G Pro white
°LG Optimus L70 black

I jump between Swift Key and Swype they are both good keyboards. But somehow I always go back to Swype. It just is a better prediction engine than swift key.

Flesky has the best, but the all cap keys just drive me , it's the one reason why I don't use is.

I'm on my fourth Android phone now, and for the last three, Smart Keyboard is the first thing I installed on all of them.

Posted via Android Central App

I have tried many keyboard styles, but seem to always return to SwiftKey. The predictions and auto corrections are on point. If you think it'll pick up super fast, give it awhile so it'll learn your style of typing. It's an awesome program.

SwiftKey is pretty much perfect EXCEPT, somewhat unfathomably and inexplicably, a space is inserted after selecting a prediction/correction or selecting punctuation. WHY WHY WHY is there not an option to turn this off so it can be like EVERY OTHER KEYBOARD, which inserts a space only AFTER you have shown intent to continue typing? It boggles the mind how there isn't at least an option to switch this, and while I have seen forum threads for years pining for this feature, on the whole I rarely see it brought up as an issue (for example, in this entire comments section I saw it briefly mentioned once).

So I ask all you SwiftKey users, does this not bother you at all? Is it just my OCD-ish sensibilities here that is pissing me off, or does this not come off as an incredibly strange thing for a keyboard to do which makes no sense at all?

This is the very reason why I cannot use Swiftkey for extended periods of time. I absolutely hate the space after punctuation. It drives me up the wall.

Posted via Android Central App

I've used Swiftkey almost exclusively for the last year and a half. It's perfect. Once you learn how to customize and use it, it's unbeatable. I prefer to switch between tapping and swiping. Sometimes midsentence. The predictions are top notch because my dictionary is so expansive. I keep my long press duration low and use the number row and emojis as well. I also like being able to try out the new beta every time they release one. I can't leave Swiftkey. I've tried. It's impossible once you're this deep into it.

Posted via Android Central App

AI keyboard .I have used swiftkey but this has more features inc spell checker and it's own clipboard plus adjustable size

Posted via Android Central App

I think once you start using one keyboard for so long, it's hard to find one you feel comfortable with. I've tried them all and I always go back to SwiftKey but they're all pretty good

Posted via Android Central App

I've played with a number of Android keyboards, but I keep on going back to the Sony Xperia keyboard on my tablet. I have yet to find an Android keyboard with better key layouts than it. It is a bit of a shame that only those with Xperia devices can use this keyboard. (Not even my Android-powered Sony Walkman F can use the Xperia Keyboard.)

The Xperia keyboard isn't perfect for me, though. Some frequently used symbols could be placed in more convenient positions. Arrow keys, a tab key a dedicated numeric keypad and keys for cut, copy, paste and the like would be nice additions, as would the ability to disable auto-capitalization, but overall, I find the Xperia keyboard to be the best Android keyboard out there.

Google Keyboard still remains the best for me. Swiftkey's auto language switch remains unmatched but the experience is pretty bad. A keyboard that still lags here and there on a Nexus 5 really needs some reworking.

Posted via Android Central App

Kii!! Why is Kii never ever on these list? I've tried Thumb Keyboard, SwiftKey, Android etc. Kii without a doubt is my fav.

Agreed! Kii is easily the best keyboard out there. Anyone who's tried it finds out really quickly how good it is. Number row, check. Cursor arrows, check. Number pad, check. Multiple layouts, check. Custom themes, resize everything... Kii is wayyyy better than all of the above keyboards. Its just not even close.

SwiftKey has something that no other keyboard have (as far as I know, and I tried a ot of them): dual language flow typing. I'm French and I usually write either in English or French: with Swiftkey, no need to manually change the language each time I'm writing a message, it automatically detects words in both languages. Great time saver.

I like swift key but it keeps trying to save my passwords so I stopped using it. My go to has been Google keyboard. I'm going to try Minuum.

Posted via Android Central App

+1 for Adaptxt - I switched from Swiftkey and never looked back. The big win for me is that it lets you create shortcuts for PHRASES, which is something I hadn't found in any other keyboard. Other nice features are a dedicated key for Undo and Dismiss and the ability to long-press the Enter key for select, cut, copy, paste, and cursor movement. I'm surprised Adaptxt hasn't gotten more attention - along with the features mentioned above, the speed, prediction, ease of use, and flexibility is easily as good or better than Swiftkey.

I have bought & used all of the keyboard Apps, and I have to say for me, ever since Samsung came out with their 'newer' swipe keyboard (4.2?) I use it. No growling required. It is probably the most used globally too, right?

Posted via App

I've used SwiftKey for a long time. I'm liking the new number row. One thing I don't like is that it always puts the space after the period and then it is hard to edit it out. Makes it hard to do email addresses with periods. Same thing sometimes when I want a space not the predicted word.

SwiftKey is where it's at for me. I picked it up a few years ago, when it was the free app of the day on the Amazon app store. I've been using it almost exclusively since then. I will use the Google keyboard from time to time, but SwiftKey works better for me.

Still like kii over swift key and swype even though I'm using stock googs at the moment

Posted via Android Central App

Sadly, most of those keyboards don't have the ability to have digits row or don't have good word prediction.
Ever since I've moved from stock-Samsung to AOSP, I really miss Samsung's keyboard, even though it was quite heavy on resources-usage.
Only keyboards that I liked are "SwiftKey Keyboard" , and "A.I.keyboard", but both look quite bad, and don't have good-enough word prediction as stock Samsung.

My favorite is Smart keyboard. I like the themes and I like the auto correction engine too.
My favorite is the windows phone keyboard by the way.

Posted via Android Central App

I was very impressed for the first few days of using SwiftKey, mainly with its accuracy and predictions. Google Keyboard seemed rather shaky every time I switched back to it. I've been using Swift for several weeks, but with time its prediction accuracy diminished (at least so it seems). And the thing which is most annoying to me is that you cannot switch between languages, it's automatic (unlike Google Keyboard). This automation results in hilarious - and irritating - mistakes.

FlexT9, I have yet to find a keyboard with better ability to tell what I did with swiping. Sometimes I don't even know what I did, but it knew the word I was going for.

ai.type Keyboard plus is the best keyboard ive ever used its highly customizable and doesnt need any plug-ins to be perfect and ive tried swype google keyboard and swiftkey

Posted via Android Central App

Tried Swiftkey on my Nexus5 2 weeks ago, but I noticed a 1-2 second lag everytime I used the keyboard.. Does anyone notice this too or is it just my imagination?? Switched back to stock keyboard already..

Posted via Android Central App

SwiftKey was always a pretty great keyboard app but since the new update that added 30+ themes made it almost perfect!

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I've used Swype for many many years but now I discovered TouchPal (and I wonder why it was not mentioned on the article). Touchpal is basically a Swype but have some welcome nice features and a (much welcome) 9 row numeric keypad.

Just went back to using SwiftKey because Swype had begun to stall and not let me type much. I still prefer the gestures in Swype and their secondary symbol placement better. Swype's biggest downfall is that Dragon, surprisingly, is a horrible voice to text function. I may have to try Minimum. It looks interesting.

Sometimes Swype gets stuck, if I move the cursor back into a text block it seems to retrigger the prediction engine. Typing a full stop and moving cursor back seems to help.

Ever since I started using Fleksy, I haven't been able to stop. I've used all the other ones on this list at some point or another, too, and I guess Fleksy does the job best for me.

I like the aesthetics more than anything, to be kind of honest. It looks like the closest we'll ever get to having a Blackberry Z10 keyboard on Android.

I first used Swype on a Galaxy Note 2, loved it, tried swiftkey but couldn't get on with it, ended up buying the full version of Swype.
I do get a fair number of Swypos, the autocorrection is good, but I don't rely too much on the prediction engine. I don't use the handwriting recognition, because my writing is so bad, and don't use the voice recognition because my car too noisy (even Dragon car assist performs poorly).
I've had relatively few embarrassing autocorrectos which is nice.

The only thing missing from Swype a number row option on the keyboard. I have an Xperia Z Ultra, so there's lots of room for one!

Will try Swype for sure! Seems interesting! There's another awesome app for chatting I came across lately - its called Photo4Tune and is a great app which is absolutely free to use always. It has some really great features like:
• Send fire-messages to others, which will disappear from conversation page, just like snapchat
• Capture and share photos with the option to post them anonymously
• Share photos to other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google+, etc.
• Create private or public events and invite your friends to them

You can download it for free for android via google store or here's the link: "

The new free "Voice Typing Keyboard" app lets you do truly hands-free voice guided typing and editing in any text field on an Android device. On your phone or tablet, you can input text with either normal speech or letter spelling. Insert punctuation, typography, symbol and emoticon with voice. Move cursors freely in a text field with voice. Erase/insert/revise freely in a text field with voice. Format text with desired capitalization with voice.