The best calendar apps for Android 
We've amassed some of the most popular, polished Android calendar apps that Google Play has to offer.

For a lot of us, Android’s native calendar does the job - we can plonk in appointments, invite attendees, build different calendars, and have instant access to our schedule with home screen widgets. There are some mighty ambitious third-party apps that try to improve upon the built-in experience, though. In no particular order, here are a few that are worth taking a look at. 

Pocket Informant - $9.99

Android Central

Pocket Informant is among the more fully-matured and premium calendar apps available for Android. Transitions are smooth, the feature set is rich, and full task management is included. Set-up is basically non-existant; you open the app, and it automatically pulls in everything from your system’s account sync, which is great. If I had to get one calendar app for Android, it would be Pocket Informant. 

CalenGoo - $5.99

Android Central

At first, CalenGoo seems a bit too bare-bones to be great, but after using it for awhile, it becomes clear that it’s just a part of a no-nonsense, pragmatic look. The flashiest feature CalenGoo offers is the ability to drag and drop appointments to different times throughout a day, but otherwise, you have the full complement of calendar and task functions.

Cozi Family Calendar and Lists - Free / optional subscription

Android Central

Cozi is built for busy families that need to share their schedules and make sure everybody is working in tandem. Events and tasks are both supported, while the adults can set permissions on what the kids can and can’t edit. The Cozi calendar exists separately from your system’s Google Calendar, which actually works out alright if you want to keep your personal and work appointments separated from the shared calendar. Tools for shopping lists, a daily journal, and to-do lists are all included, which are handy for every member of the family. 

Business Calendar - Free / $4.99

Android Central

Business Calendar is a sharply designed app with quick access to multiple calendars in an easy-to-navigate Holo interface. A slider along the bottom allows users to smoothly expand a week’s agenda into view, while multiple days can be quickly selected with a swipe for closer viewing from the month view. Home screen widgets are highly configurable both in form and function. Pinch-to-zoom and drag-and-drop gestures are both supported, making overall navigation very smooth. In fact, among all of the calendar apps I’ve played with, I found Business Calendar to be the most Holo-compliant and often provided the smoothest performance. The only real downside here is that there isn’t much in the way of task management.

Touch Calendar - Free / $2.99

Android Central

Touch Calendar is a gesture-friendly calendar that lets users easily zoom in and out between month, week, and daily views. Besides the multitouch gesture support, the Holo-style theme is very easy to navigate, plus the wide variety of themes and home screen widgets keeps things fresh.

Rabotan ToDo Calendar - Free

Android Central

Rabotan ToDo Calendar is a great holo-themed calendar with a heavy angle towards task management. Users can assign tasks to others via e-mail or SMS, create task hierarchies, categorize tasks, change task status, and filter tasks from view based on certain criteria. Every event in your Google Calendar can be translated into this format, though you unfortunately have to manually upload them again to keep everything in sync. 

DigiCal - Free / $4.99

Android Central

DigiCal is very much like the stock Android calendar with a few extras thrown on top. For one, there’s tight Google Now integration, so you’ll know when you need to head out to your next appointment. That said, the app also ties in with Google Maps so you can quickly find your way to your next meeting. An action bar along the top allows users to easily copy events, and an agenda view lets you quickly cut out the dead space and see only what’s already on your schedule.  

Agenda Widget - Free / $1.99

Android Central

For those that are perfectly happy with the native calendar but are looking for a more robust home screen widget, the aptly-named Agenda Widget may be worth checking out. It can pull in tasks from CalenGoo and Pocket Informant, scour your contact list for birthdays and anniversaries, and includes a healthy assortment of themes. The widget is fully resizeable, which is a nice change considering many of the other calendar apps fill up the widget menu with those of various static sizes.

Pure Grid Calendar widget - $1.99

Android Central

Another high-quality widget-only option is Pure Grid’s calendar widget. It plays nice with a lot of other third-party applications, as well as the stock apps included on Android. After your first attempt to drop a Pure Grid widget into your home screen, you’re presented with a dizzying array of options, ranging from display and color, to which apps to launch, which calendars to show, timeline options, and task management. Pure Grid Calendar widget is a great way to go if you need something that’s highly configurable.

Jorte - Free

Android Central

In addition to supporting Google Calendars as you’d expect, Jorte has its own cloud service, if for whatever reason you’re looking for an alternative. There’s a big focus on tasks here, so you can just as soon add tasks complete with reminders as easily as you can add appoints and meetings. There are a lot of nice UI elements here, including different color themes, purchasable icons, and a wide variety of calendar and menu views. There’s a wide array of home screen widgets available for all sorts of sizes, too.

Gemini Calendar -  Free / $3.99

Android Central

Gemini is a sharply designed calendar app with the usual suite of calendar features, and the ability to paste in new appointments from your address book, or insert events by voice thanks to a handy home screen widget. Event locations link out to Google Maps seamlessly. A clean UI makes Gemini a solid contender for a calendar app. 

aCalendar - Free / $3.99

Android Central

aCalendar is an interesting twist on the usual calendar formula, in that it relies on vertical and horizontal swipes to move up and down your timeline and between views, This sets things up as an interesting kind of grid, which you don’t get from a lot of calendar apps. The home screen widget doesn’t follow this navigation scheme, but the weekly calendar view still sharp and unique. The premium version donates proceeds to saving an endangered species of tapir in Ecuador, if charity is your thing.

Agenda Calendar - $1.99

Android Central

Agenda Calendar is a stark, simple calendar app with everything you need for day-to-day scheduling. The clean, pared-down layout will make sure you stay focused on what’s coming up next. There’s no home screen widget just yet, which may be a deal-breaker for some, but the app itself is so smooth you may just be willing to wait for the next patch. 

It's hard to say that any of these are definitively better than the stock Android Calendar experience, but it's nice to know that there are a lot of options available for those with jam-packed schedules. Which app do you use to line up your busy day? 


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The best calendar apps for Android


I use Business calendar to sync with my personal GMail calendars & Pure Calendar for work because it syncs with Exchange OWA calender via TouchDown which makes it easy for me to manage my work calendar from my personal android phone.

Love love love Business Calendar. Got free on Amazon FAD shortly after I got my first Android device, and have never looked back.
I've also tried Pocket Informant, but BC just does it for me. Week view (5 day) widget keeps me on track.

Can't say enough good things about Business Calendar. I have tried a TON of calendar apps and business calendar works the best for me. I like that you can create templates if you often have the same thing to add. It also makes it very easy to integrate multiple calendars (work, personal, tripit, wife, etc) but has the ability to remove those from view whenever you like.

I was lucky enought to get Business Calender when Amazon had it free. It's a great app, and I havent even had a need to try anything else. It sync's with my multiple GMail's as well as Haxsync to help me remember meetings, birthdays, FB invites, etc. Really like the widgets that it offers as well.

Love the month view of Calengoo and acalendar, where you see the event not just a colored dot....but love google calendars agenda view and fact it pushes changes, don't have to wait to sync

aCalendar is simply the best for me!
It has the best month and week views and the swype to navigate between different views is just something I haven't seen in any other app.
It saves a lot of time when you want to quickly add an appointment and are looking for a free spot.

Not sure, probably that and a few different features. I bought it when thay had it on sale for like 99 cents so never had the free version

Not sure of the $5 difference, but you will love that there are about 10 different size widgets. On my tablet, I can run a huge one, while on my phone, only 2x2. This is a GREAT calendar program, as others have mentioned; the widgets are definitely the icing on the already good cake!

Thanks for the info, I plan on using it one my phone and tablet so different sized widgets are important. I would prefer to pay .99 but i don't mind dropping $5 on a solid app. Especially one that I use multiple times daily.

Yeah, I wish I could give you more help, but I got this for free (or cheap) during one of the special sales, so I don't even know the difference. Another thing that I LOVE about this calendar is, I have many sports calendars that display in my Google calendar. Some calendar programs I have used will not display these, as they aren't actually in MY calendar; Business Calendar does, and also, allows me to turn off individual ones, if I desire to.

Not yet, but the developer has told me personally that it will come eventually. I really like the HOLO theme that is used.

Hmmm, I may just not be a superuser, but the stock calendar on my S3 works just fine for my three calendars.

If the standard app just had text in the Month View and some more widget options I'd have no need to look elsewhere. I'm actually bouncing back and forth between Business Calendar, Jorte and Digical. Currently using Digical and it's very nice imo.

I use Calendar Pad for that very reason. Pretty happy with it. Don;t see a need to switch to one of these paid ones.

I've been using Business calendar since I got my first Android 2 years ago and am very happy with it, especially since its latest update making it more compatible with Jelly Bean. Have tried several other calendars and always come back to Business Calendar.

I use CalenGoo on my Galaxy Nexus and iPad 2. I don't care about fancy interfaces. I value reliability.

Being along term Windows PDA user I was disappointed with Pocket Informant and opted for Business Calendar. I know the developers are working on a tasks module but in the man time I use and integrate Todoist which works well.

Nice list of calendar options. I would also like to add Pimlical for android for a comprehensive and highly configurable calendar program including year, month, week, day and list views with integrated tasks. For those of you that remember Palm OS and miss the options this is one to try. There is a learning curve for the most complex of settings however the developer is very responsive!

+1 for Pimlical. The extra calendar options are what makes it. There's also a companion Windows desktop program for working your calendar magic.

Another vote for Pimlical. So many options configure it to your needs and floating events make this an outstanding app.

I'm surprised to see no mention of VCOrganizer Pro (Well actually on second thought, I'm not! they don't have it very well named and it's quite concealed)! Its inbuilt Calendar app (fully usable as an app on its own with its own widget launcher icon shortcut and then you can just forget about the outer parent 'VCOrganizer' app if you want to), is one that I'd say, for people coming from previous mobile OSes with truly useful and full-feature calendar apps, is a welcome relief from all the modern 'dumb' calendars I see around me. If you're coming from Palm I guess I can understand the love for Pimlical, it looks interesting. Well *I* personally come from the Windows Mobile world, and on that, you were treated to proper tasks functionality WITHIN the calendar app, with full categories, filtering, reminders and recurrence/patterns possibilities, ALONGSIDE your appointments (all in monthly view). This VCOrganizer Pro 'Calendar' (n.b., not their standalone 'VCCalendar' which seems to lag behind in development) does ALL of this nicely, and it really needs some attention! :(

I hope you look into it, Simon Sage :).

+1 for Pimlical. Been working with its developer since the Palm Pilot days. Great customization including views (I use only 2 - list and month), Icons for month view, templates for quick entry, floating to-dos and solid search.

I'd like a calendar that has different colors for different calendars. For instance, my G-Mail calendar appointments would be in blue, my facebook "appointments" would be in green, my hotmail appointments would be in pink, etc. When I look at the daily view - I want to be able to pick out what I'm looking for quickly. Any ideas?

aCalendar gives you the option to select colors for different calendars. From the calendar list, long press the one that you want and pick the Color option.

Jorte has this feature. I have my it synced to my work's Outlook Calendar, and my personal Google Calendar. I set it so that my work appointments are in orange, and my personal are blue. Plus using the widget, I can see actual words for the appointment instead of just a dot in a timeslot. Good Luck!
FYI - I am using a Galaxy Nexus.

Any chance you could tell me how to do this in Jorte. I've been trying to do this on Jorte for a few days and haven't had any success. Thanks

Ever since I've owned android phones, I've used a combination of Agenda Widget (for quick reference on home screen) and Jorte calendar (for full month view, which you can't beat). I liked these guys so much that I bought the paid version just to support the developers (because the free version works just fine). Good list.

Anything got the ability to set a reminder before the beginning AND end of an event? You know: kid's soccer and a reminder to take them and another to pick them up, rather than having to create two events.

You can add multiple reminders with many of these.
If you can do it with Google Calendar, you can do it with the app too. Try business calendar.

I have tried most of these.
Currently using aCalendar+ and Touch Calendar.
I don't like the look of Touch Calendar, but it gives you the option of recurring events every X weeks.

If you sync with Google Calendar, lots of them will do that. It's a basic feature of Google calendar.

If you add an event using the stock Android Calendar app. You can only do Daily or Weekly recurrences.

Touch Calendar allows you create a recurring event every three days or every two weeks.

So far as I know, Calengoo is the only calendar that gives access to the Google icons. This is a minimal set, but still very useful for me. I can see types of appointments at a glance.

I've been using Android Pro Widgets for quite some time now. Has a nice calendar widget and gets the job done.

I've been using CalenGoo for over 2 years, regularly going outside my comfort zone and checking out other calendars, and can say confidently it still stands up to the best. The only negative is the dated appearance which includes the dated widgets ... but everyone seems to use some 3rd party widget for calendars anyways, so .... =P

Business Calendar is always the other one I check back in with regularly, lucky enough to snag it on that $.25 sale or something uber cheap, and I'd say it'd be my second choice, easily. The stock calendar has gotten loads better, but so has the entire Android ecosystem.

In short, definitely no shortage of calendar apps. XD

Agenda widget is great.

I plan to try Touch Calendar. I love the S planner on GNote, mostly for the month view with event details. Unfortunately there are not many calendars that do that nicely and I will need something when I get a N4. Touch calendar looks promising.

I use the calendar that comes with my Galaxy Note II (same calendar on other Android devices I own), nothing compares to it and I've tried some of the other calendars listed above.
Samsung really nailed it as far as the calendar goes.

massive call to calengoo

mainly as it lets me go back years of entries as opposed to Google's 3 months.

I haven't found I can do this with any other calendar.

loads of customization so it looks better than the screenshot shown.

CalenGoo all the way!
Especially if you actually use your calendar for business and need to see/search event history that might go back years.

I'm currently rocking the stock Calendar on my Galaxy Nexus (CM10, but who's counting?). It works great for multiple calendars, including those shared with me.

I am a huge fan of a widget called Simple Calendar Widget. It's the first one I tried that let me configure several different instances of the same widget. So I could have a widget that only showed my very important calendars, and a different calendar on which I keep less important things (televised sporting events, for example). I keep them on different homescreens.

I haven't used all of these, so I won't begin to claim anything else as "best." But two that I think should be on the list include:

- iRT calendar: Clean design, easy to use and, most importantly, supports floating events (an event that's put into the calendar once, but then repeats every day until you mark it done. Perfect for those things that might get skipped the first time they pop up, but you want to make sure don't get forgotten.)It also offers much more flexibility in repeating appointments than most calendars. This is the one I use the most.

- PimlicalA: I think this is easily the most powerful and flexible calendar available, with more features and customization than anything I've seen on any mobile platform. Also one of the more complicated ones to learn to use, but if you demand the utmost in flexibility from your calendar this is one to check out. I use this on occasion when I need to do something no other calendar can handle.

I play it very very simple.

SimpleCalendar Widget is still my favorite. Keeps the stock GoogleCalendar but provides a very minimalist, plain, easy to read calendar widget for your homescreen! :)

Pimlical looks interesting as I used to use Palm but $10 without a trial is more than I want to pay. I use stock because I haven't found any good other good options. It has to have a desktop component and two way sync of appointments. Some of I've tried the appointment is not fully editable on the Google calendar desktop if it was entered by a 3rd party. I would love something more geared to a family but didn't really like Cozi's. One feature lacking from most calendars is a way to enter multiple but not necessarily recurring appointments for example a sports game/practice schedule that might be different times and/or fields. Use one standard form to create multiple appointments each with a note without entering each one individually. Also would like to be a color code who in the family each appointment is for without the necessity of setting up seperate calendars. I can do it on Google desktop but it doesn't show up on mobile.

Anyone know of a calendar app that allows users to change week #? Many companies have fiscal years that are very different from calendar year. Mine for example has week 1 being the first week in February.

Re: Business Calendar not having much in the way of task management, that's what I use GTasks for. Love 'em both.

I'm surprised not to see Simple Calendar on this list. For those who need just a simple widget, check it out.

I use aCalendar+ (have tried some of the others here) - mainly for the Week view, which on a cell phone is the most useful view IMHO. Also like how you can sideswipe to get day or month view. And it comes with a variety of widgets, although I don't use them.

I guess I'm glad Google Calendar suits my needs. I do have Android Pro Widgets and it has a very nice widget available with plenty of themes.

I really wish more calendar apps would provide integration with Touchdown for Exchange. My company requires it for secure email, but the widgets suck. The only apps I've located that work with it are Pure Calendar (pretty good) and Executive Assistant (fair, almost too much).

I'm always looking for improvements, but want the convenience of a consolidated calendar.

Most of these calendars don't have the ability to lock or ignore the time zone so that the times don't all shift when you are on travel (which is the android default). The native android app has an option to lock time zones and so does calengoo. Business calendar doesn't. Since I put in all my times without referencing the time zone, this feature is essential.

I've pretty much tried them all looking for the perfect fit and I settled on Pocket Informant. It is the closest thing to the good old trusted Daytimers paper calendar, notes, todo solution that I used in the days of paper but in a very organized, electronic form. I use it on my tablet and on my cellphone and can't wait til Feb 7th when I replace both with a Galaxy Note 2. When I do, one of the first apps I load will be Pocket Informant....can't wait!

I'd also like to see more info on alarms. I am looking for a calendar for my Kindle Fire that pops up a reminder on the screen and stays there until I close it or delete it. I haven't been able to find one yet. It doesn't even have to be a regular calendar. I just need something like Miniminder, which doesn't have an Android app.
Does anyone know of such an app?

On my Win 7 desktop I use a post it note type program called Stickies. It has a reminder feature so that every Saturday when a favorite podcast of mine releases, it pops up in the center of my screen and reminds me to download.
I have no idea if Android post it type apps do this, but I thought it might give you an alternate tangent to explore.

Another Android calendar app that should be looked at is Map Day. It is not going to replace any of the apps above, as it is not a traditional calendar app. Instead it lets you see how your day will look on a map. Check it out: . You can get directions, estimated travel time, and whether you should expect to be late or early.


You might wanna take a look at e-CAL. It’s our totally free Android Calendar app we’ve just released a couple of weeks ago. It’s clean designed following the Android design guidelines, works like a charm. Also it has some neat features like adding attachments and travel time to your appointments

It’s our first release, and we have a lot of new features coming up in the nearby future (e.g. Personal Assistent, Meetingplanner) . Maybe it’s interesting for you.

Hi, I'm the developer of Calendar+(, a replacement calendar for Google stock calendar. It not only provides various views (even custom views such as 4 weeks) and options but also supports features such as quick add. I think it'd be really really great if you guys take a look at it and try it. Thank you :)

When it comes to a professional use, a simple calendar app isn't enought to handle all your business routine and there is nothing worse to get distracted than switching between apps. That's why I prefer to use a real productivity manager, which includes a calendar app along with to-dos, project management and note-taking features. The best example of this kind of app must be Beesy ( ) in my opinion.

Looking for a basic calendar and like the last one listed: "Agenda Calendar".
So far could not find this one. i realize this article is from 2 years ago. Did the app change name or so, does anybody know is this one is still available?
With which search term will it show up?