Keep losing your twenty-sided die? Tired of hauling sourcebooks over to your buddy’s place across town? Getting screwed on loot drops in your raids? Well, take a look at these role-playing games for Android. Though they’re story- and character-driven titles first and foremost, you’ll find plenty of action and strategy elements throughout.

Without further ado, these are the smartest, best-looking, and most immersive RPGs you’ll find in Google Play right now.

Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends is a fantasy MMO which plays more like an action game than Order & Chaos Online. Players pick one of three classes, and are partied up with other players online on an ad hoc basis - odds are you’ll naturally bump into and team up with others on the same quest as you without needing to send party invites or anything like that. The most distinctive part of Arcane Legends are the pets you can acquire which help out in a number of ways, like attacking enemies or gathering loot for you.

For those that want the multiplayer RPG experience but are looking for something a bit more lightweight than Order & Chaos, Arcane Legends is great. Be sure to check out Spacetime Studio’s other MMOs if you’re looking to mix things up.

The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale is a polished port of a popular tongue-in-cheek action-RPG. Players control an irreverent bard who shirks classic heroic responsibilities for the joys of ale and women. He still, somehow, gets roped into saving the world, but uses his abilities to get others to do his bidding along the way. The Bard’s Tale has a full complement of Bluetooth controller support, if you’re looking to play the old-school way.

For those that have fun being bad, The Bard’s Tale is a top-notch RPG.


Battleheart is an action RPG that set a new standard for touch-friendly controls, and spawned many imitators. Players drag and release their party members about the battlefield in order to move, pick spell targets, and attack enemy mobs. Players chew through encounters, level up, unlock new classes, and deck out their characters in phat loot. On top of that, the game doesn’t require any permissions whatsoever to play.

Battleheart is a charming, challenging RPG with a control scheme you’ll quickly fall in love with.

Battleloot Adventure

Battleloot Adventure’s over-the-top art style is immediately impressive, but you’ll quickly find that it has some very interesting game mechanics too. The perspective may seem similar to Battleheart, but at its core, Battleloot Adventure offers a healthy mix of strategic turn-based combat with real-time reflex-driven mini-game elements. Both party members and enemies have specific classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses against other classes. This makes party selection extremely important. As usual, players progress their characters with new abilities as they gather experience, and deck them out in sweet armor and weapons.

Come to Battleloot Adventure for the charming art style, but stay for the rewarding RPG action.

Galaxy on Fire 2

Galaxy on Fire 2 is a sci-fi RPG that has players blasting through a beautifully-rendered universe. Quests range from hunting down space pirates to mining asteroids and everything in between. There’s plenty of trading to do, and you can always upgrade your ship and buy new rides with the credits you amass. There’s a lengthy storyline to enjoy, and expansions available through in-app purchases.

Galaxy on Fire 2 is a rich, exciting, wide-open RPG perfect for sci-fi fans.

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf is based on the world of fantasy author Joe Dever, and shows equal amounts of literary and graphical polish. Players make decisions through an ongoing narrative based on character traits they pick at the onset, and engage in exciting turn-based combat with a variety of enemies. Combat mechanics require timing, finesse, and smart resource management to get through alive.

Lone Wolf provides both richly-textured story as well as intense action.

Order & Chaos Online

Order & Chaos Online is about the closest thing you’ll get to World of Warcraft on your phone or tablet. Players pick their class, race, and faction, embark on quests, party up with others online, hoard loot, and progress their character with new abilities. There are tons of social elements, like tournaments and guilds, and a lively chat section to keep you occupied between quests.

Despite being an obvious WoW knock-off, Order & Chaos is a franchise that has expanded into MOBA and card game genres on mobile. If you’re a people person and an fan of the Warcraft style, give this a shot - you don’t even have to deal with a subscription fee.

Ravensword: Shadowlands

Ravensword: Shadowlands is about the closest thing you’ll get to playing an Elder Scrolls game on your tablet. The game features a vast, open fantasy world with stellar graphics and all the questing you could ask for. Players earn reputation with various factions, slay all manner of beasts with steel and magic, while evolving their character based on their playstyle.

For RPG fans that need a big world with lots of back-story to chew into, Ravensword: Shadowlands has you covered.

Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns is the excellent revival of a cyberpunk classic. Players embark on a good old-fashioned single-player adventure with lots of meaty back story, and launch into tactical turn-based combat. The heavy RPG elements of Shadowrun Returns will keep players invested in the stories of its characters, not to mention enthralled with a setting that ties together magic and machine in a really memorable way.

Shadowrun Returns brings deep strategic combat and in-depth storyline to the table.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery is an odd mix of old and new in a number of ways. In terms of mechanics, it’s a classic point-and-click adventure game with the occasional reflex-driven mini-game thrown in. This is a fairly old genre that hasn’t seen a lot of traction on consoles, nevermind the latest mobile devices. The graphics consist of chunky, stylized pixel art in an age when 3D reigns supreme. The classic fantasy setting is contrasted by modern character language and an overarching pseudo-scientific meta-narrative.

If you’re looking for something new and different, Sword & Sworcery is definitely a good place to start.

Honorable Mentions

Chaos Rings 2

A premium (but classic) Japanese RPG built for mobile.

Inotia 4

A Korean RPG with tons of story.

Knights of Pen and Paper

A cute, self-referential RPG with retro graphics.

Pixel Dungeon

A retro-style roguelike made for hardcore players.

Zenonia 5

Korean-style action-RPG.

Those are our favorite role-playing games for Android right now, but what are yours? Be sure to check back on this story every once in awhile - we’ll be updating it as new and exciting RPGs hit Google Play.

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