Looks like we might not have to wait all the way until September 15th to get a few details on the already expected Android tablet. The Archos 5, officially pictured above, will be offered in multiple storage capacities and rumored varying pricing:

  • $294 for 16GB SSD
  • $370 for 32GB SSD
  • $320 for 160GB HDD
  • $420 for a 500GB HDD

The Archos 5 is also expected to be offered with a $130 docking station that'll presumably offer HD output and expected to include DVR capabilities. Who's excited for this Archos 5 Android Tablet?



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Archos 5 Android Tablet Price & Photo Leaked


Although the pricing seems kind of funky between the models, no matter how you cut it - you can't beat that with a stick. If it was also a phone, I'd be all over it.

Look Really cool. Better than an iPod Touch for those that games is not the focus of the platform.

I would really be interested to the 500GB version if it is usable as an external HDD. Plus it would be great if we wil be able to partition it.

I have an iPod Classic 160GB as External HDD and MP3 player and I'm about 80% of it's capacity already.

Does it have Camera capability to film and take pictures?

I remember when all ARCHOS devices were metallic, had great firmware, good battery life, tough and came equipped with camera, TV outputs and the whole 9. They then wanted to be iPod junior and started separating the the goods and packaging them individually with ridiculously high prices. Oh, and all the devices are this shitty shiny plastic now.

Lets see where this goes as I will be checking out the goods over at B&H in Manhattan as soon as it arrives.

Last chance, Archos.

I am pissed. I am13 and can't come by money easily... I just bought the160gb archos5 and sure enough. They takeafter apple andput somthin out thatis better.. Archos should come out with a firmware update for those owning the older model