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    WhatsApp is a leading non-SMS messaging app that's available on several platforms but has seen dramatic success on Android with over 500 million app installs. The app lets you send messages with text, pictures and video, and also has the ability for group messages, all without any carrier charges or involvement. WhatsApp ties into your contacts list to keep it up to date at all times without the need to add or edit friends manually.

    One of its biggest draws (and growth areas) is that WhatsApp works internationally without a hitch. Its business model is admittedly quite odd, charging users just $0.99 per year, and even giving the first year's subscription up for free.

    Facebook acquired WhatsApp in February 2014 for over $16 billion, but the app has since operated independently with little or no intervention from the new parent company. It continues to be one of the most popular messaging apps in the world.


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    Whatsapp gains Google Drive backup

    WhatsApp gains Google Drive backup for chat history, voice messages, photos and more

    Google and WhatsApp have teamed up to bring Google Drive support to the popular messaging app. The new feature will be rolling out over the course of the next few months to all of Whatsapp's 900 million users. With Google Drive integration, you'll now be able to create private backups of your...

    WhatsApp now has 900 million active monthly users

    After Facebook announcing earlier this month that it witnessed one billion daily active users, it is now WhatsApp's turn to share some usage figures. According to co-founder Jan Koum, the service now has 900 million active users, up from 800 million in the month of April. Acquired by Facebook...
    Send Whatsapp, and other messages using 'OK Google'

    You can now send Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber, and other messages using 'OK Google'

    Using the simple 'OK Google' voice command, you can now send messages through Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat, and a variety of other apps. Sometimes, you just don't want to pick up the phone and type out a reply, and now you don't have to. You have been able to send Hangouts messages using your voice...

    WhatsApp receives Material Design visual refresh in latest update

    The WhatsApp team have rolled out an update to the popular messaging platform, introducing a Material Design refresh, but you can't get it on the Google Play Store just yet. Currently, the update (version 2.12.38) is only available from the WhatsApp website, which will require you to have app...

    WhatsApp voice calling starts rolling out to everyone

    Available to select users previously, WhatsApp has commenced rollout of its voice calling feature to all users on Android. The feature is automatically enabled to all users updating to version 2.12.5 of WhatsApp via the Play Store, which brings a revamped user interface sporting three tabs:...

    Pushbullet now offers desktop replies for Whatsapp, Hangouts, and more

    The Pushbullet notification synchronization tool now lets users compose and send replies via five different messaging apps. Those apps would be WhatsApp, Telegram, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and Line. Pushbullet picked up text message reply support several months ago. Four of those...

    WhatsApp now has a Chrome web client

    About a month back, there were rumors that the Facebook-owned and very popular messenger service WhatsApp would soon be available on your computer via the web. Today, the folks at WhatsApp have pulled it off. The new web client is an extension of the data from your phone, displayed in a Google...
    WhatsApp cracks down on users of unofficial clients

    WhatsApp cracks down on users of unofficial clients

    It looks like WhatsApp has begun to crack down on users of third-party clients for the messaging service today. The company recently began instituting 24-hour bans for users of WhatsApp Plus, specifically. However, there have been various reports of WhatsAppMD users being affected as well....
    Whatsapp for the web reportedly in the works

    Whatsapp for the web reportedly in the works

    Facebook-owned Whatsapp appears to be working on a web-based version. A number of strings were found in the Android version of the app that point to a web-based Whatsapp. However, since Whatsapp doesn't use accounts, and is instead tied to a phone number, there is the issue of authentication. It...

    WhatsApp is now the most secure messaging app on Android

    WhatsApp is now one of the strongest messaging apps you can find on Android, thanks to new end-to-end encryption for messages. That means that your messages are totally secure and cannot be decrypted by WhatsApp at all — no matter what. Other apps offer similar end-to-end security, but WhatsApp...

    WhatsApp to remain free in developing countries like India

    WhatsApp will continue to offer its service for free to users in developing countries like India. Vice-president for business development Neeraj Arora stated that low debit and credit card penetration was the main reason for not collecting the $1 annual fee the service charges users in North...
    Yes, WhatsApp now has blue checks for read messages

    Yes, WhatsApp now has blue checks for read messages

    WhatsApp is worth billions of dollars, and there seems to be a good reason for that: many of you are using it, at least according to the flood of tips we are now getting. Today on the backend for WhatsApp they have evidently thrown a switch to make the double checks blue for when someone reads...



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