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Google Keyboard

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Google Keyboard is the stock input method on Nexus devices, but is also available to download from Google Play on any phone running Android 4.4 and above. It offers four different themes to fit in with either KitKat or Lollipop devices, with dark and light modes for each to fit your style.

The keyboard offers a few advanced features like robust emoji support and swiping input, as well as seamless integration to voice typing with Google's voice engine and switching to handwriting input if you choose to install its handwriting keyboard also. There are also advanced keyboard layouts that you can customize to fit your typing style, if that's your sort of thing.


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Big Google Keyboard update brings one-handed mode, layout tweaks and more!

Big Google Keyboard update brings one-handed mode, layout tweaks and more!

A pretty major update is now rolling out for the Google Keyboard, bringing a load of new tweaks and features, including one-handed mode. And it's that addition of one-handed mode that is probably the biggest change, allowing you to easily adjust the keyboard for left- or right-handed use in the...
Google releases new Handwriting Input keyboard with support for 82 languages

Google releases new Handwriting Input keyboard with support for 82 languages

Google has released a new handwriting keyboard for Android devices today, fittingly called "Google Handwriting Input." Google Handwriting Input works with devices running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3) and up, and supports input in both print and cursive writing in a pretty staggering 82 languages...
Google Keyboard number row

How to add a dedicated number row to the Google Keyboard

It takes a few steps, but the Google Keyboard has some useful options tucked inside Here's one of those things that's been around for a little bit, but well hidden. If you're a fan of the stock Google keyboard but would love to have a dedicated number row — particularly given the size of many of...
New themes of the future hit Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard update brings Material style to your typing

An update is rolling out now for Google Keyboard that offers a pair of Material Design themes for your typing experience. Dubbed "Material Light" and "Material Dark" (with color themes of light gray and dark gray, respectively), the two themes aren't enabled by default on Holo-themed Android 4.4...
Google Keyboard Prediction Settings

Google Keyboard now improves suggestions by looking at your other Google services

New feature is on by default, but just as easy to turn off as any other setting The Google Keyboard was updated today with the same changelog as the last version, but one thing that's definitely new about the input method is personalization of suggestions from your Google account. After updating...
Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard update brings KitKat features, drops the holo blue

A little KitKat style on any device running ICS or above The Google Keyboard is getting a nice update that brings it right up to speed with the latest KitKat features and styling, offering what was only available on the Nexus 5 for a few days. Now any device running Android 4.0 or above will see...
Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard update adds long-press numbers on tablets, bug fixes

Tablet users can now quickly type numbers in the same way as the phone One of the biggest reasons Google has taken apps like its keyboard and moved them into the Play Store is for updates independent of the OS, and we're getting one of those today to add a feature for tablet users. The main user...
HTC One update

International HTC One updated with Google Keyboard fix, Mini+ support

Minor update starting to roll out in parts of Europe The international HTC One has today received a minor firmware update addressing one of the bugs with the previous Android 4.2-based ROM, and adding support for an upcoming accessory. The update to version 2.24.401.8 (from 2.24.401.2) fixes...
Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard now available directly from Google Play

The stock 'Nexus' keyboard app, complete with gesture typing, is now available to all Android users through the Google Play Store Google continues the movement of its core Android apps onto the Google Play app marketplace with today's standalone launch of Google Keyboard. That's the new name for...

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Google Keyboard


Does it seem strange that my Sndroid device(s) doesn't come with this already installed? What is the default keyboard for Plain Jane Vanilla Android" It must come with one.

Can't save new words while typing. Previously used to get a "Add to Dictionary" button on the keyboard while typing a new word. For some reason, not getting that anymore. Not sure since when. Beats the entire utility of gesture typing.

It is a shame the way adding words to the dictionary was programmed in this keyboard. You only get the chance to add new words if the keyboard guesses the one you typed as wrong, and underline it in red. It would be really nice to have an option to delete words from it, and adding in advance (instead of waiting for the keyboard inform you that it does not recognise it).

If only Google Keyboard and SwiftKey would merge. I prefer Google's emoji panels over SwiftKey, and their simpler settings. SwiftKey's predictions are unmatched.