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I just sold my Nokia 920 and got a Nexus 4. I have two questions for the aware:

  1. All of my contacts had to be imported in from my account. How do I add them all to my Google account (so that next time I get another android phone I can just have them imported in automatically)?
  2. How do software updates work? Automatically or do I have to do something.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome aboard, and we're glad you asked! Your first question is a pretty common one, and luckily it's also a really easy one thanks to the settings built into Gmail. Since you're coming from a Windows Live account, you can have Google import your contacts automatically via the web. Open your Gmail account in a web browser on a computer, and look for the settings icon in the upper right. Open the settings, choose the "Accounts and Import" tab, and in the list choose "Import mail and contacts". This will copy everything over to your Gmail account, which syncs with any Android device you're signed in to. 

For anyone not using a web-based service like Windows Live, importing contacts is still pretty easy. Just export them from your mail client into a .csv file and you can import that file in your Google Contacts page. Either way sure beats typing them all by hand.

For your second question. the answer is both! Updates will come automatically from Google to your Nexus 4, and you'll know you have one because of the notification icon. Google rolls the updates out pretty slowly at first, and many times we don't like to wait. You can sideload an update pretty easily if you're the type who doesn't like waiting in line. It involves a little work at your computer's command line, but it's not really hard. You can find all the information you would every want to know about sideloading updates in the Nexus 4 forums.

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From the Android Forums: Importing contacts and Nexus updates


Ok another Noobe question, is there the same option to export my BlackBerry contacts over to Google? I recently picked up a Nexus 4 and switching from BlackBerry Torch 9800. Its a brave new world for myself, just couldn't wait for the Z10 and went with a Nexus 4 (hate the OTA update to 4.2.2) the OTA update is on my alerts bar and don't know how to clear it or avoid installing the update. Yes I'm Canadian, 3G/HSPA is great, the LTE is a bonus.

as it said on the post, from most e-mail accounts you can export into a .csv file to your computer, and then import into Gmail (which will auto-sync with any and every Android device you have). And as far as I know, the notification for the update will stay there forever, you can't get hid of it. But as long as you don't click on it, it won't install as well.

You'd get an answer if you post your question over in the android forums, might try gmail app is all I can say and sync your phone contacts to it and it will be saved in the Gmail system and transferred to any device you enable with your gmail account