For many of us the hunt for a new application is on that is done nearly every day, and some times there is gold to be found, and others we come up empty. For those that have hit a dry spell, or those just simply looking for a new application to try without having to search for hours, check out what we use on a daily basis on our devices!

Jerry Hildenbrand - SDrescan


Anyone who has used a phone and keeps media on the SD card has encountered a time sdrescanor two when new pictures or saved items don’t appear as soon as we would like. This is because the operating system has a schedule it uses to scan the removable storage for changes, and unfortunately, nothing in life is perfect. SDrescan is a very tiny app (16k, and it can even be moved to the SD card if you use Froyo and are so inclined) that sits quietly in your app drawer, waiting for those times. Fire it up, and it evokes Android’s built-in media scanner to scan your card and make pictures available in the gallery, or files available for your document viewer, or even scripts available if you use an app to run custom scripts. It’s tiny, useful, and best of all, free! [Market Link | AppBrain]

Sean Brunett- Halloween Live Wallpaper


halloweenHalloween is quickly coming, and what better way to get in the mood than having a spooky live wallpaper on your phone? Halloween Live Wallpaper brings you an excellent choice that includes jack-o-lanterns, bats, witches and a haunted house. It supports both portrait and landscape mode with an array of customizable settings that include how often bats and witches go across your screen. If you’re looking to get in the spirit of Halloween, download this live wallpaper now. It costs 99 cents and is definitely worth the price. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Dallin Hampton - Glow Puzzle

glow_puzzleSeeing as Angry Birds is now out for all to enjoy, it would seem as though there is little need for another time waster but for those of you who have beat all 150 levels and secured a three-star rating on each, allow me to supply you with another one. Glow Puzzle is a connect-the-dots style puzzle game in which the goal is to highlight all the dots and the lines between them without going over a spot twice or straying from the pre-determined solution. With a solid puzzle count of 280 and about 10 added per-update, this app will keep you constantly entertained and thinking. Free. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Jared DiPane - Flikie Wallpapers


flikieI'll be the first to admit, finding a good wallpaper is nearly 10 times harder then finding a good application to run on my Droid. I am very picky, and can spend hours looking for a wallpaper, and luckily I stumbled upon Flikie Wallpapers HD. There are tons of high-resolution wallpapers in this application that are from quite a variety of categories. I enjoy changing frequently, so this application has come in handy many times to find something new to fit the current mood.  For free you really can't beat having thousands of wallpapers at your fingertips at all times. [Market Link | AppBrain]


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Android Central Editors' app picks for October 21, 2010


It looks very similar but not exactly the same. Look at the shape of the tree and the position of the sun (in relation to the tree).
BTW, I love Digital Blasphemy - I almost forgot about that site :)

I agree good quality wallpaper is hard to find. I checked out Flikie Wallpaper, and it is good to go. Picture quality is clear and not grainy like some other wallpapers.

If you like Flikie, check out their "wallpaper rotater", it switches your background every once in awhile. I'm trying it out right now, seems pretty sweet

Hot damn these fricking spammers, come on with this crap. I'll check out the wallpaper and glow puzzle thanks Jared

Thanks for the Halloween Live Wallpaper. Nice for another week.

My current favorite live wallpaper is Thunderstorm, by Kittehface (?), there is a free and a $0.99 app. It's very realistic.

One other thing I wanted to throw out there, was that the beta of WinAmp is out on the market. I'm loving it so far, to the point where I'm uninstalling Mort player..

Mort player was great, but the last couple of updates have screwed up the widget, and the lack of customizable playlists (w/o having to arrange folders in Astro or through linking it up) really left me disappointed.

Hopefully Winamp learned through their mistakes on the PC and don't bloat the crap out of it. Once they offer skins (one of the GREAT features on Mort), I'll be one happy camper!

I've been using the Halloween Wallpaper for a week or so and it's cool but what's with portrait and landscape modes mentioned above? I only see one mode on my Fascinate. If I turn my phone on its side nothing changes on the wallpaper. Am I missing something?

Try either Lp, Adw, or aHome.. I've tried 'em all, and Lp had the best customization.. It will allow to rotate your homescreen 270° as well.

Switch Pro Widget has a built in widget for invoking the media scanner btw, if you just don't want another app for that or would rather have it in widget form... Maybe I'm mistaken but it seems to me that most apps that create new media (camera, ShootMe, Amazon, etc.) have some sorta way of forcing new media to be indexed right after created, usually when I have to force it manually it's because an app has misbehaved.

Cool Halloween Live Wallpaper btw, I'm looking forward to the Christmas recommendations, heh.

I just installed the Flikie wallpaper. Really some nice stuff! I spend lots of time looking for just the right wallpaper myself and am glad I now have such a wide variety from which to choose.


Wanted to install SDRescan but Appbrain indicates that it is for 2.1 and my device is 2.2. Any comments on whether this would be a problem on 2.2?

Installed and ran fine on my Evo (running rooted stock 2.2) - I can't comment on whether it WORKED since I haven't modified my SD in days and I just installed the app...but I didn't see any problems ;)

For anyone using Tasker, you can do the same thing as SDrescan using Tasker's 'Scan Card' action under Media. Just create a shortcut or widget on your home screen.