You want em, we got em. No, no. Not Samsung Galaxy Nexus devices, but instead applications to make your Android device even more fun than it already is. Jump past the break as we take another look at some of our favorites from this week.

Chris Parsons - TubeMate (Free)


While I'm sure there is a little Youtube policy bending happening here, TubeMate is on of those apps I always install on my devices for a number of reasons. Essentially, it allows you to download videos directly from Youtube for offline use but it does so in a that allows you to control the quality and in which format. You can download high res mp4 files, low res 3gp and even mp3 files where supported. Great for when say an ICS sandwich video gets pulled from the internet. Plus, it's free. You'll need to ensure unknown sources is enabled. []

Richard Devine - ScanToPDF Free (Free)

Scan to PDF

Over the years I've lost count of the number of newspapers and magazines I've kept purely for scanmaybe one or two articles. This makes clutter, and clutter doesn't make for tidy households. The solution, produce a digital copy of the material.

Enter ScanToPDF Free. Of the apps I've tried in this field, this seemed to offer the best all round for me. Simply point, shoot, and let the app do the rest and leave you with your material ready to roll in pdf format. The quality and clarity of the converted pdf is superb (camera quality naturally affects) and being free means there's not much reason not to try it out. [Market Link]

Anndrew Vacca - Ghost Chicken (Free)

Ghost Chicken

As Halloween's number one fan, I've already begun skimming the Android Market for the apps that chickenwill put me in the holiday spirit. This is what brought me to Ghost Chicken, a simple and addictive game designed for the haunting season. Think of Pac Man, but with a chicken and some spiders. It's mindless and light on the graphics, with just enough ghoulish decoration to fit in with the rest of the Halloween offerings. Your goal is to eat all of the candy corn and spiders by stretching the chicken's head through the winding maze. But here's the catch: if you overextend yourself, you're vulnerable to a spider bite, and thus a game over. It's free, so if you are really bored by its simplicity, no harm, no fowl. See what I did there? [Market Link]

Jerry Hildenbrand - Zappos (Free)


I have daughters, and a wife -- therefore this is the time of year I have to start shopping.  Since I hate shopping with a passion, I decided doing it all online is the way to go this year.  The ladies in my life were zapposquick to tell me about Zappos when they found out I was going to buy all my holiday gifts online.  They told me about all the great brands, free shipping, and big selection -- which promptly went in one ear and out the other.  Not until my youngest told me Zappos had a mobile app did I do more than pretend to listen (at least I'm honest about it!).  A mobile app means I can do my shopping while sitting in the car listening to Bob Seger while the gals are in the mall, or in my fortress of solitude on my porcelain throne.  Now we're talking.  The app is really easy to navigate, is broken down into categories and has plenty of filtering options.  It even allows easy tracking of your orders right from the app.  I'm glad I took the time to install it, and it's gonna save me a boatload of time while doing my Christmas shopping this year. [Market Link]


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Android Central Editors' app picks for Oct 15, 2011


Really? You lose respect for someone because of their taste in music? Chill out, people can listen to what they want to, Mac Miller has some quality stuff, may not be in your taste, but who cares?

A long time ago, people would've put an emoticon at the end of that sentence to indicate or hint it was in jest.
These days, people think they are being clever by not putting one - that way, if someone calls them out on their rudeness or indecency, they can play it cool and claim it was all "just a joke", even though they meant it. :-) It's a safety net.

5-10 years ago, that sentence would've looked more like this:

"Mac Miller? There goes my respect for Chris Parsons. :P"
"Mac Miller? There goes my respect for Chris Parsons. ;-)"

However, it's perceived as being much "cooler" and "tougher" to be a jackass on the internet, so this practice gradually vanished.

Great list this week. I'm wondering about Tubemate. The QR code is the only one that doesn't work for me. When I look it up on the Market, there are several entries for this by the same company. All the written reviews are bad and of the permissions, one is "directly dial phone numbers". I'm wondering about that and the lack of good *written* reviews.

"They told me about all the great brands, free shipping, and big selection -- which promptly went in one ear and out the other." - nice Jerry

Does TubeMate or MicroMacro just download YouTube vids, or can they work on other flash videos as well?

theres two tubemates on the market one is Youtube Downloader Tubemate and the other one is TubeMate YouTube Downloader!! which is the real one cuz the one suggested here says this Services that cost you money
directly call phone numbers
and that doesnt sound right.

I'm not sure if the TubeMate versions on the Market are legit, I think it may be an adware vehicle at best, a scam at worst. The real TubeMate was pulled from the market (several times) months ago, and AFAIK it never came back...

The developer has been hosting it on his site ever since, furthermore, it's NEVER had ads before. I haven't updated it in a while so maybe it's a recent addition, but I doubt it. It has a neat feature that allows you to convert videos to MP3s btw.

Anyway, you should check whether the dev hosting it on the Market is the original dev of the app Chris... Or write the original dev directly and ask.

Well, TubeMate has ads now! Installed, big fat ad at the bottom to win a free iPad, uninstalled. Too bad too, because it seemed as fast or faster than the actual YouTube app.

The real Tubemate is not spam, and works great. But as mentioned, the "real" one is no longer on the market. You need to go to to get it.

I found TubeMate has air push ad's built into it. Right after I installed it I started to get ads on the top status bar and in the dropdown menu. I downloaded AirPush Detector from the market and it confirmed this so I uninstalled it.

Has anyone received ads after downloading TubeMate from the original dev's site? AC corrected the link but didn't put in any sort of retraction or correction, poor form imo.

I agree that the TubeMate posting from AC was in very poor form. I installed and started getting the air push ads. I would have been better off to not have read this weekly app pick at all.

Chris Parsons, we are very disappointed. Nice job silently fixing the link . . .

Don't you think it's possible he made a mistake by linking to the market version? The market version used to be legit, and now it is not and needs to be flagged by all of us to get it taken down (please help by doing your part, btw). So now he's fixed the link to the legit version and you're still upset? Why?