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Android Central

Now that the madness of Mobile World Congress is coming to an end, and we are all super excited about upcoming Android devices, it is time to continue to load up great apps on your current one. Let's hit the break together and check out some of our picks from this week, and be sure to let us know in the comments your favorite app, and why!

Richard Devine - Nova Launcher (Free / $4)

Android Central

I'm lucky enough to have had a Galaxy Nexus since launch about 4 months ago. In that 4 months I fell in love with the stock ICS launcher and never thought I'd use a third party launcher again. That has all changed with Nova.

NovaEssentially Nova is a stock ICS launcher, but with some tweaks. The Google search bar for example is removable so it isn't on every one of your home screens. The list of options isn't massive, but it makes for a more tailored use all round. Folders can be different styles, icon labels can be changed, animations can be changed or turned off completely and gestures can be used to create shortcuts. The paid "Prime" version allows for hiding apps in the app drawer too.

I really can't speak highly enough of it. There are areas that can be improved, like the widget list looking distinctly Gingerbread, but all in all it is a fantastic replacement for the stock ICS launcher. It is however only available for ICS devices I'm afraid guys. [Market Link]

Chris Parsons - PowerAmp ($2.00)

Android Central

PowerAmpThere is a lot of music players in the Android Market to choose from, even plenty from big name companies like Winamp and of course Google but being a person who likes to have finer control over the way I listen to music there is one app in particular that goes beyond just playing my music and that's PowerAMP. Aside from it playing pretty much every file available for audio, it's currently on sale for only $2 from the regular $5 it would normally cost. [Market Link]

Anndrew Vacca - The Oregon Trail: Settler (Free)


Android Central

Feeling nostalgic this week, I decided to pay the Android Market a visit in search for a game that Oregon Traildoesn't rely on on 3D graphics or intensive gameplay, but rather reminded me of the fun games I used to play as a kid. Low and behold, I stumbled upon the Oregon Trail, a blast from Windows 95 past that was just what I was looking for. While the Oregon Trail: Settler from Gameloft recently arrived on the market, I find the original Oregon Trail (also by Gameloft) closer to the PC experience I remember. Oregon Trail: Settler is a bit refined from days of yore, with a few added features and eight mini skill-based games included, but you'll manage to feel right at home. And even after all these years, contracting dysentery is still a pretty huge bummer. [Market Link]

Jared DiPane - RunKeeper (Free)

Android Central

RunkeeperThis month was great for me, the Fitness Challenge was rocking and I got to check out some new great apps to help get me through. RunKeeper is a rather powerful application which helps track your activities and show you trends and more. The application is free, and uses the devices GPS to track your routes for running, walking, cycling, and a whole slew of other activities. If you are looking to get active, and want to keep track of the data there is really no reason not to download this application today. [Market Link]

There are 28 comments

kurioskurion says:

Wow... Oregon trail isn't compatible with the HTC Vivid??? o_O how the heck does that happen??

strykyr says:

Nor does Oregon Trail work on a Transformer Prime TF-201. I can install it on my Galaxy S II Skyrocket. ICS and GB respectively. All stock, no root.

Ostrich Egg says:

Nova Launcher lets you use the new ICS widget interface if you have a rooted device.

And Oregon Trail should remind you of Apple II days, not Win95 days, noob.

funkypimp says:

Oregon Trail a blast from the Win 95 days? I remember playing it on the Apple IIGS!

migzy says:

They must be young'uns!! I too played this on Apple II series computers along with Cross Country Canada(I believe there was a US variant too).

borgdog says:

Heck you are all younguns. I remember playing Oregon Trail on a teletype terminal dialed into the mainframe and an awe inspiring 300 baud!

mclifford82 says:

Look at all the young bucks round here. I was actually there, on the trail.

Masheen says:

He may have been refraining from using the "A" word. :-D

Luger718 says:

not all of us are as old as you :P but yea i remember playing it on both a windows and mac at school back in the 90s

Luger718 says:

not all of us are as old as you :P but yea i remember playing it on both a windows and mac at school back in the 90s

+1 on PowerAmp. I paid $5 and it was worth every cent.

garfnodie says:

I had to laugh at the "a blast from Windows 95 past" comment. I remember playing Oregon trail for the first time on an Apple IIe.

xeroslash says:

Wow. I installed RunKeeper and looks amazing. So many different options for activities and workouts. Coaching looks pretty cool. Loving the manual entry too for treadmill and indoor stuff. Currently using MapMyRun, but this already looks to blow it out of the water.

jmagnt7 says:

Totally agree 1000000%!!! Poweramp is great and I too paid $5 for it well over a year ago. Great app! Btw.. Who cares.. He had a brainfart.. Not a big deal or really the point. Yes was apple IIe

thanks for the app suggestions

jmagnt7 says:

Actually! Wtf! The market link goes to the Oregon trail: settlers

WAldenIV says:

And it isn't free. The reviews are terrible, too.

Fumetsu says:

Can someone explain why Oregon Trail needs access to my Contact list? I almost installed it but some of the permissions seemed dubious.

Jezz_X says:

Can't agree more on poweramp its a great music player for android

But as for nova launcher I prefer apex launcher basically the same except its free for all the features

As for the other 2 no idea

badbrad17 says:

Run keeper is pretty good but I still think cardio trainer is the best.

CansFan says:

I like RunKeeper's user interface better but it doesn't have an integrated music player, you need to play your music through the default or any other music player at the same time.

Been using CardioTrainer because of that. It can play any playlist of your choosing and it starts playing music when you start your workout/run/etc.

mahtin9702 says:

I like miCoach but I might give Cardio Trainer a try.

gmr2048 says:

I usually use RunKeeper, but I'm currently checking out Jog Tracker. It's got GPS integration and all that, but it also has an elevation profile that I haven't seen on other running apps.

Masheen says:

Omg. Oegon Trail, Load Runner, sim city, and TIM. By the way. Does anybody know of a way to get The Incredible Machine or load runner to run on Android? That would be A-mazing.

poolman#AC says:

Nor does it work on Galaxy Note :(

jls9999 says:

Oregon Trail isn't compatible with my Asus EeePad Transformer. A game from 20 years ago should be able to play just fine on any of today's devices. Stupid.

mclifford82 says:

I'm sure it would if they ported it for your device. My GS II doesn't run Madden despite being powerful enough, it just wasn't ported for my hardware.

Have you tried using the 5 1/2 floppy? Just stick it in there.

gtricecakes says:

Oregon Trail installs on both my Razr and Xoom and then when I go to play it, says it's not compatible with either...lame!

I use and like RunKeeper, but their support seems lacking, even for paid users - at least judging from their own forums. One big issue they won't seem to address is that they only support one Bluetooth heart rate monitor - a poorly rated model from Polar that runs about $80. I would like to upgrade to paid, but am waiting to see of they add additional BT HRM's. If they don't soon, I may switch.