Apps are fun. They are what keep our devices in our hands far longer then they should be, and allow us to do lots of different things while on the go. Unfortunately finding the perfect app is not always easy, but that's where we step in and help you all out. So, let's hit the break and take a look at some of our favorites from this week.

Anndrew Vacca - Jorte (Free)


If you're discouraged by the lack of customizations for Sense's calendar, or by the rough-and-tumble appearance of Motoblur's, you have to give Jorte a try. Of all the personal organizers that swamp the jorteAndroid Market, I'll deem Jorte my favorite. Sure, calendars are pretty straight forward and standard, but Jorte's customizations are unmatched. Jorte gives you the choice of just about any size widget you can think of, and with different themes, color options, and styles to choose from, you can match your widget to the rest of your UI, eliminating the sore thumb that is your phone's standard offering. Choose which of your personal calendars to display, which holidays to include, and even which day to start the week with. Jorte also comes with an easy-to-use scheduler and to-do list, and it supports importing these elements as well. If you choose to create them on the app, you can export as a CSV file to your computer or other devices. Even if you're happy with your phone's standard calendar (though, I doubt you are), give Jorte a shot. It's free, it's useful, and it's pretty. Case closed. [Market Link]

Kurt Schutte - Hexxagon (Free)


Ever played Othello/Reversi? Well Hexxagon will quickly remind you of that classic, simple-to-learn game but with a few twists. In this turn based strategy and logic game, instead of Hexxagonconquering your opponent's pieces in lines, landing next to your opponent's pieces converts them to your side. You can choose to play directly next to one of your pieces or hop two spaces, each move with it's own distinct advantages. This game offers both a rating mode, in which you'll play on a large hexagonal (surprise, surprise!) board versus a computer, with difficulty levels ranging from easy to practically impossible, and a puzzle mode which gives you 54 unique boards to master and unlock for play in rating mode. You'll receive a score based on your level of success (or failure) giving this app a great deal of replay value. It's quick to pick up and just play a game or two or you can sit there for hours on end trying to get three gold stars on all of the puzzle levels. At any rate, Hexxagon is a free app available in the Android Market so go get your download on! [Market Link]

Jerry Hildenbrand - Pocket Ants (99 cents)


I'll admit -- I was one of those kids who liked to mess with ants and anthills more than a few years ago. Fast forward to now, and I can still mess with ants and anthills, and in a way that won't get me pocketantfunny looks from friends and family with Pocket Ants from Concrete Software. The magnifying glass and rock are there, waiting for devilish thoughts, but when you fool with the lives of virtual ants you can take things a step farther -- flamethrowers and lasers. There's also some settings for things like the number of ants and how mean they are to each other (when they should really be worried about you), and statistics are kept so you can refine your killing techniques. It's a great way to pass the time while, ahem, sitting in a quiet place, and you won't ever get stung. If you missed it as Friday's Amazon free app, you can grab a free trial in the Android Market for Android 1.5 and higher, and the paid version is only 99 cents. [Market Link]

Menno - SpringPad (Free)


A few weeks ago, I chose Taskos as my App of the Week because it was a simple To Do list that worked great on my phone. Last week I picked up a Galaxy Tab and found that Taskos wasn't SpringPadcompatible with my shiny new toy. A few of my friends have mentioned Springpad in the past, so I decided to give it a try, and quickly discovered it's not just a To-Do list. The closest description I can come up with is that Springpad is a lot like a scrapbook for your digital life. Sure, you can create and manage tasks, but it's possible to save almost anything you want to the app, from locations, to notes, to pictures, to even products found via barcode. The App lets you organize this information however you want (tag it, put it in folders, etc). The best part of the application (at least for me) is that it works on all of my devices, including having an app for Chrome (and an extension) so I can triage all the information I look at in a day and try and parse it down to something manageable. If you're looking for a dedicated To Do list, there are some great choices out there. But if you're looking for something that can do a bit more, be sure to give Springpad a try. [Market Link]

Jared DiPane - DropSnap ($3.99)


One thing that has always bothered me about taking pictures was the need to have to transfer them DropSnapto a PC, and while it never stopped me from taking pictures, it has hindered the amount of them that have made it to my computer hard drive. Recently I stumbled upon DropSnap, a perfect app for my needs, that allows me to instantly upload all my photos to my DropBox account and then I can easily view them from my PC as well. One of the best things was sharing my DropBox folder with my family so they could see the images as well, and when we are out with the little one and taking pictures of him and all the fun things we were doing, they could be there in almost real time. Easily, DropSnap was the best $4 that I have spent on my Android device to date, I absolutely love the application since it does stuff for me without needing to launch the application and upload them manually. [Market Link]


Reader comments

Android Central Editors' app picks for June 25, 2011


Plus One for Jorte.

It integrates with your Google Calendar AND your Google Task List (to do list).

The Author is in Japan, so the What's New in this release notes are always a mystery of Google translations and wonderfully obscure.

But the App itself is flawless and can run either as a widget or a regular app.

As for exporting to CSV, No No No.
This is the 21st century. Sync with Google Calendar(s). That way all your devices and calendars are up to date.

Jorte is amazing...been using it since I got my first Android phone. Would never have another android phone without it.

What's the advantage of using dropsnap over the regular dropbox app? I actually used DB for the very thing Jared was pointing out last night

Agreed. Jorte is probably the only suggestion on here that looks promising but everything else is, "Meh".

At least toss something like Burn the Rope or Cut the Rope which came out this week... Even if they reviewed them earlier this week, surely they might be Editor's picks...

Not Wow'd. Just Meh'd. :\

I really don't like Jorte from an aesthetics standpoint. I just can't use an app if it doesn't look great. But the rest are great! Especially SpringpPad!

Just curious...Have you actually tried it, or are you only relying on the posted screen grab?
I ask because it can look girly :-) like that or be changed completely...I use the black background..looks sleek and appointments/holidays/facebook sense birthday integration colors can match whatever I set up on google calendars..
Options seem endless with this one..AND COLORS/APPEARANCE.
Just in case you haven't actually looked.....

Yeah I'll throw my hat in on this one too. Jorte is highly customizable in terms of aesthetics. If someone were to not like Jorte, it most likely wouldn't be because they didn't like the way it looked (unless they didn't know how to change it. That settings menu IS quite large and maybe a bit confusing/hard to get used to)

What's with the negativity? Should they only publish reviews of 5 star apps? Would be a short lived feature.

Jorte!! the best...exactly what you want if you want the "ideal" daytimer. So many options, and you can even turn some of those options off like widgets you don't use. Also one of the few apps that still allows you the choice of moving to SD even though the widget won't work. A lot of dev's have replied that that cannot move an app due to widgests not working, but not everyone wants to use the widget. The option is there.
I love using the black background on mine (yes, appearance does matter to individuals) and how it syncs perfectly with ANY google account or calendar you set up. Everyone should try it if they want a truly good calendar/planner!
No..I have no personal interest in the app's success except that it stays available :-)

I will be honest now. I totally despise how you advertise your own apps. Don't get be wrong, I have absolutely nothing against advertising your own apps, only the WAY you do it. You try your best to conceal the fact that you are the author, and you are biased. The whole description sounds like a propaganda. "I stumbled upon DropSnap, a perfect app for my needs", "Easily, DropSnap was the best $4 that I have spent on my Android device to date". Come on. You wrote the app. Please don't insult my, and the rest of the readers' intelligence. Just be frank about it. You had an idea - a good one, you wrote the app - probably a decent one. There is nothing wrong in sharing it with everyone. There is something wrong in deceving your readers. It brings to my mind a situation whrere a big company hires employees to bash on the competition on the internet. It's "unfair competition", Man.


The only thing that I write is articles for Android Central and CrackBerry. I am no coder, I do believe that you are mistaken on this one. The application does fit my needs, I write the truth, I have no benefit from lying to any of the readers.

You are right. I AM mistaken. Thus I want to apologize to you.
I did not understand the formula of this weekly article (I rarely read it in full, just browse for interesting apps), and I thought that you are the author of the app itself. I really am sorry for what I wrote earlier, which is untrue and stems from my mistake. Once again - I really am sorry. I hope you won't hold a grudge against me.

Best regards,

Grabbed Pocket ants on amazon the other day. Uninstalled it shortly thereafter. The game is meh at best. I guess I am just past burning ants. :( Glad it was free tho.

I tried Jorte on a previous AC recommendation. True, there is a lot of customisation and the incorporation of a task list is excellent. However, despite being able to set a reminder, it never triggered an audible notification, only an alert in the app itself. I now use Executive Assistant which works with the excellent Astrid even ties in my texts and email, saving the need for the gmail counter.

I just tried Jorte and it works great. I have kids appointments to remember and also school assignments that need doing, and this little app helps out perfect.