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We both know why you are here right now. You want some apps, right? Odds are whatever I am saying here you are skipping anyways to check out what we got below, so let's just hit the break and check them out!

Kevin O'Quinn - Systempanel (Free / $2.99)

System Panel

Systempanel is great for monitoring resources on your phone. It can track multiple cores, memory usage, and many other things. On the One X there are tweaks that will keep both cores active all the time, and this app is extremely useful for verifying that it's working.

It's also a task manager. We don't like those, but it's there. It does break down what's running as a service versus a background app, which is nice.

If your looking for a good way to monitor your system you can't go wrong here. Yeah, there are other apps that do the same thing, but this one is my personal favorite. [Download from Google Play]

Anndrew Vacca - Governors Ball Music Festival (Free)

Governors Ball

If you're visiting New York City this weekend, there's a fairly good chance you're here for the second annual Governors Ball Music Festival on Randall's Island, one of the coolest east coast music events of the year. With so many performers, food, drink, and activities spread out over the weekend, you'll need a handy guide to ensure you see and hear everything worth while. The fairly straightforward Governors Ball app has a detailed map of the event site, to-the-minute schedules of every act, and menus from each restaurant and food vendor. You can check into activities, like and share performers, and review the food you just tried. You can even enter your ticket details so you can leave the paper at home and enter using solely your smartphone. Not too shabby for a free app with a two day lifespan. [Download from Google Play]

Alex Dobie - Pattrn (Free)


We've all spent time searching for that perfect background wallpaper, and Pattrn is an app which aims to make it easy to find cool new background patterns. Based on the work of artists on the COLOURlovers site, Pattrn displays popular backgrounds in a wide range of styles. It has the ability to search based on color or text, as well as the option to automatically select a new pattern as your wallpaper every few days.
It's also a beautifully designed app that works within Android's design guidelines using the 'Holo' visual style. Pattrn is available for free from the Google Play Store. [Download from Google Play]

Richard Devine - Temple Run Brave (£0.65)

Temple Run Brave

Anyone who's played the original Temple Run will be right at home here. The paid status of Brave is likely down to the partnership with Disney, but it's worth a look.

It maintains the same simple, swipe oriented gameplay of the original, but as you now have a bow and arrow, targets sporadically appear for you to shoot. It looks nicer than the original, and is just as addictive.

There is also a whole stash of objectives to try and meet of varying difficulties just to add a little challenge and longevity. It's not expensive, and for me at least it has completely replaced the original. [Download from Google Play]

Sean Brunett - onTour - Concert Finder (Free / $1.99)


Summer is a time for fun concerts, and one of the musts for them is to have an easy way of finding which ones are coming to a venue near you. I saw the Counting Crows last week (who were great by the way), and I wanted to see the rest of their upcoming tour. I went to the browser on my smartphone and went to their website, but it wasn’t the best experience. That’s when I found onTour - Concert Finder. It’s a free app that allows you to simply search for upcoming shows. You can search by location or band, which will give you a  listing of upcoming performances. You can also star artists and venues to get recommendations for future shows. Once you find a show that you like, you can buy tickets from Bandsintown. This app also has great integration for all of you heavy users out there. As I said, it’s a free app, but there is a pro version that comes with no ads and push notifications. Highly recommended for those who love a summer concert! [Download from Google Play]

Chris Parsons - London 2012 (Free)


With the London 2012 Olympics getting underway, you'll be needing an app to keep up-to-date on all the action. The London 2012 app, while not great will certainly do the trick. It's available for free of course and has some cool features built in such as live updates, video, photos and scheduling so you know what's on in case you want to tune into all the live coverage that will be happening across the TV networks.​ [Download from Google Play]

Jerry Hildenbrand - Aldiko Book Reader (Free / $2.99)


I like to read, and I'm sure many of you all do as well. Losing yourself in a good book can be satisfying and relaxing, and it's a great way to fill some down time.I also have a pretty big collection of books in the EPUB file format, and Google's in-house solution of Google Books won't handle them. Aldiko to the rescue! It looks great on either my smartphone or my tablet, is lightweight, and behaves itself by staying closed when I tell it to close. It's also really full featured with user-selectable fonts and margins, day/night mode, and bookmarking. Long press on a word, and you're faced with a menu to search for it, look it up in the dictionary, or copy it to the clipboard. There's no built-in multi-device syncing, but a third-party add-on provides easy book and bookmark syncing via Dropbox. I find it perfect for reading on the go. Grab it from Google Play for free, or there's an ad-free version for just $2.99. [Download from Google Play]


Reader comments

Android Central Editors' app picks for June 23, 2012


I asked Aldiko a month or so ago whether they had any intention of supporting Google Drive or Dropbox, and they sent me this in reply:

Thank you very much for your email. We're glad to hear that you are a ong term user of Aldiko.

Yes, we have plan to add syncing feature in the Aldiko app via supporting third-party storage apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive. We will be focusing on that after releasing the annotation feature.

Please feel free to let us know if you have further question. Thanks again.

Aldiko Team

Jerry, any opinion on Aldiko vs. FBReader for those of us with DRM-free epub and mobi ebooks? FBSync will sync reading positions across devices, but needs root and may not be working for ICS. I've used FBReader for many years now and just curious as to what Aldiko brings to the table that's new to the reading experience? I don't need yet another ebook store... :^)

Aldiko is always one of the first 5 apps I install after a system wipe/flash.
My wife thinks it's weird, but I do most of my reading on my phone and have done so for years. Just increase the font and get the settings right for you - why bother holding a tablet? I sez *cuz you don't own one* Quiet you!

Aldiko is awesome!

Re: System Panel -- would have been nice if you mentioned what the difference was between free and paid versions. It would have saved me... alright, just ten seconds, but still. ;)


I love System Panel and used it for a long while, now.

Anyone else who's curious of the difference: the paid version allows you to track historical usage going back up to 1 week. The data can be viewed on a graph showing battery usage, CPU usage and wake-lock that can be displayed in increments of 2hr/8hr/1day/3day/1wk. You can also view a list of apps that have consumed the most CPU time during those same intervals. You can even open specific apps and see their historical CPU usage and compare it side-by-side with the overall CPU usage of the device. Great for tracking down those apps that are killing your battery.

One thing that I think deserves to be mentioned is that, unlike most other task manager apps, System Panel will actually show you the live CPU usage of *each* app running in the list via a small gray bar to the left of the app's list item. That makes it much more useful than most when you're phone suddenly starts lurching like you've just asked it to calculate Pi to a million decimal places and you need to know which app is causing it (for me, it's usually the Amazon Market).

I like Aldiko, I use it and the Amazon Kindle app on my Android phone. In flashing various ROMS I've found some readers fail to work properly but Aldiko and Kindle seem to work with every ROM I've tried.

PS, I use the free version, I don't mind the ads at all.

Akido is not bad but it has problems formatting some books. I bought it and the sync app. It does not always add a space between paragraphs as it should. It has miminal options for formatting. I cannot stand reading text that has no breaks. It drives me crazy.

I have tried a bunch of different readers and I keep going back and using Moon Reader+. It has the most options of any reader I have ever seen.

just wanted to point it out.

In the Android eco-system, there's a much wider range of devices, each with their own little tweaks and changes, not to mention all the settings that an end-user can change. The thing that makes Android great, can also be one of its biggest hurdles.