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You like apps, but don't want to spend hours finding the good ones? How about this -- hit the break with us and check out some of our favorites from this week? Who knows, they may become your favorites, and if not, be sure to let us know about some of your favorites!

Richard Devine - Tube Map (Free)


Nothing particularly groundbreaking from me this week, but what this is, is about the best London Underground navigation experience I could hope for.

It's a really simple interface but is absolutely jam packed with features. Route planning is a given, but Tube Map hooks into the TFL services too. Live departure boards , line status, and access to national rail live information adds enough to make this more than just a way to find you way around.

Another nice feature is the ability to log in with your Oyster card information, allowing you to check your balance wherever in the Capital you are. It's free and ad supported, but if you like it there is a pro version available too. For someone like me who doesn't live in London, but spends enough time there covering things for AC, an app like this is priceless. [Google Play Link]

Chris Parsons - Grabatron (Free for a limited time)


You know those "claw" games at the arcade when you can drop the claw and win prizes? It's like those, only you are a spaceship that can grab cars, vehicles, trailers and drop them on humans as you attempt to collect your alien friends all while trying to avoid being shot down. It's awesome. It's tilt controlled. It's free as part of the "Because we May" project, just grab it and enjoy! See what I did there? [Google Play Link]

Sean Brunett - Kayak Flight Hotel Car Search (Free)


Are you planning a trip right now or anytime in the future? If you answered yes, you’ll want to check out what I consider one of the best trip planners both on the web and on Android, Kayak. It’s essentially a search engine that aggregates a variety of companies in a simple and elegant interface. With the Android app, you can search and compare hotel, flight and car prices and book them directly from the app. I’ve tried many travel apps that allow you to search, yet don’t let you book right from the app. You can also track the status of your flight, see up-to-date baggage fees and look up airport info. It’s a very well done app and I highly recommend it if you want to book a trip. [Google Play Link]

Alex Dobie - Power Controls (Free)


Imagine my surprise when my shiny new Galaxy S III didn't come with a proper settings widget. Sure, some options are accessible directly via the notification pulldown, but that's not customizable, and it's still missing some options. My solution of choice is the third party Power Controls app and widget by Painless Death. This allows you to create a customized widget (or widgets) to control all manner of settings, including the usual Wifi, screen brightness and Bluetooth options, as well as toggles for more exotic options like WiMax and tethering. It's a simple, clean and well-designed widget with plenty of customization options, and what's more, it's offered completely free with no ads. If you want a little more control over your power control widget, it's definitely worth a look. [Google Play Link]

Anndrew Vacca - Best Buy (Free)

Best Buy

As a lover of all things tech, I enjoy the ability to buy my latest shiny device on the fly. And as a fan of clean and usable shopping applications, it's hard not to recommend Best Buy's Android app. It effectively shrinks Best Buy's massive online store into an easy-to-use, mobile friendly UI. Everything's here, including comparing items, locating the nearest store, product reviews and even the weekly ad. Even checkout, an all-to-often tedious and messy process, matches the online store's ease-of-use. Just beware-- purchasing that $2,000 HDTV is a lot more tempting when it's this simple. [Google Play Link]


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I thought "Because We May" ended? How did you know that Grabatron is a part of that movement? Great recommendation as well!

Power Controls (Free).... I use MoreQuicklyPanel..

MoreQuicklyPanel..stays in the notification window.. like the SGSII

give a look at that

OK, Power Controls is a WONDERFUL find. On the Evo LTE, they removed the quick settings in the notification area that I was used to. This sucker puts it back and it is configurable as a bonus.

Anyone knows if any app/widget has a toggle for Verizon 4G? All I have seen for verizon is open settings for mobile 3g/4g.


Everyone else took an actual screen shot of them using their chosen app but this guy used the stock photo.

Sponsored plug, no doubt.

The app itself may be very good at what it does, but given the ultimate goal is getting the user to buy something from "Best" Buy, I don't see how anyone could seriously recommend it. After all, what good is a well paved road if it's a one way road to hell?

Umm... while they may be pulled from the play store, they are all screenshots (they all have either status bar or soft buttons showing). I don't see what the problem is...

Widgetsoid is another option for persistent notification pane toggles. Has anyone compared it to Power Controls? I haven't used the latter, will probably try it out once I get my EVO 4G LTE (currently using Widgetsoid on GB on the EVO 3D).

Have not tried widgetsoid kids but will take a look. Power Controls developer is active in keeping the app updated which is something I appreciate. I took a look at morequicklypanel but it's a paid app and I'm pretty happy with Power Controls. There was another free app called notification toggle I tried last night that seems decent if you want the switching to be done in your notification panel.

I really like widgetsoid! Also, ZD Box has a very good set of control widgets, including a sliding brightness control! I now rely solely on ZD Box because if it's all in one approach (& I like the sliding brightness).

I am shocked to see the Best Buy App up there as well. While they have the occasional great deal (Community Season: 1 for 13 bucks) the store is usually a poor choice when Tiger Direct and New Egg are out there.

Power Controls is a great app. Not only does it allow you to create a widget on a homescreen, but you can also add the toggles to the notification drop-down. I used Power Controls before flashing ROMs that usually come with this functionality built-in.