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It's that time of the week again, the time everyone looks forward to, where we give you all the good apps to download on your device. Hit the break with us and take a look at some of our picks from this past week, and hopefully some of them will become your favorites as well.

Anndrew Vacca - CardioTrainer Plus ($9.99)


OK, I’ll be honest: I don’t exercise nearly as much as I should. Heck, if there isn’t a cheeseburger Cardioincentive, I won’t do it all. But on the rare occasion that I feel energized enough to get off my couch and go for a run, I love CardioTrainer Pro. It’s got a ton of cool features: in-app music player, GPS route tracking, an exercise scheduler for each day of the week, and a nifty planner to plot your weight-loss goals on a long-term basis. It’s got a widget for your homescreen that shows your calorie-burning goals and how long it will take to achieve them, and if that isn’t enough incentive to get off your butt, you can even share your fitness progress with other CardioTrainer users. If you’re more of a casual trainer, start off with the free version—Pro will cost you $10. If you’re serious about fitness, though, it’s well worth the Hamilton. [Market Link]

Alex Dobie - Sony Ericsson Data Monitor (Free)

SE Data

It's easy to lose track of your cellular data usage at times. With constant app updates, web browsing and new features like Google+ Instant Upload, you could be approaching your monthly allocation of SE Dataones and zeroes before you know it. Unfortunately, not all carriers provide a convenient way to keep an eye on how much data you're burning through. However, if you've got a Sony Ericsson phone, then the manufacturer has you covered with a newly-released app on its Android Market channel. The Sony Ericsson Data Monitor app tracks mobile data consumption in both directions, and gives you the option to set an alert when your usage hits a certain level. If you're on a monthly contract, you can set the counter to reset at the start of your billing month. If you've already pre-paid for a set amount of data, there's the option to enter a start date instead. There's even a chart function included to allow you to see how your data usage has changed from day to day, or even during specific hours of the day. If you've got a Sony Ericsson phone and would like a little more control over how much mobile data you use, then this one is a no-brainer -- it's available for free from the SE channel on the Android Market. [Market Link]

Sean Brunett - BBC News (Free)


If you’re a fan of the BBC or just want easy access to top stories throughout the world, BBC News BBCis a must have app. The homescreen of the app is very well done. It displays a variety of stories separated by category, such as Top Stories, US & Canada and Technology. It allows you to edit the topics that are displayed as well. The stories displayed have thumbnails that give users a quick glimpse as to the main theme of the story. There is also a nifty feature where you can swipe right and left on the categories to gain access to more stories. The app allows the stories to be shared to basically wherever you want, including Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Other features include live audio and video streams. This is a terrific news app that has an incredible UI and makes it easy to read and browse the top stories of the day. [Market Link]

Menno - Pzizz $5.59


During college, I stayed up insanely late at school and worked third shift when I was on break. Even PZIZZthough I'm several years out of school, I still find it hard to get to sleep at a "normal" hour, and if something is occupying my mind at all, I can lay in bed for hours before I finally nod off, just to wake up restless in the morning. A few weeks ago, I started seeing reviews pop up for Pzizz, and they were positive enough that I decided to give it a try. How Pzizz works is you set it to go off and then this monotone voice will speak over background noise that the developer says will be unique each time. The guy talking says some pretty silly things, but the point of it isn't to listen to him, it's more like white noise that will help you calm down. I've used it pretty consistently since I first installed it and while it didn't "cure" my insomnia, I find it a lot easier to get to sleep on most nights, and for whatever reason I feel better in the morning as well. The app is on the pricey side, but if you're like me and are tired of waking up grumpy every morning, it could be the best $5 you'll spend this week. [Market Link]


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Android Central Editors' app picks for July 9, 2011


I use Android Central Podcasts for my sleeping pills and they are free. And you may learn something before you fall to sleep. Hope I am not hurting anyone's feelings.

Good move Sony, with the two big carriers over charging for data, it's nice to be able to track your data usage. There's also 3G Watchdog, it's free and can alert you when you are getting close to your data cap. I'm on sprint so I have unlimited data, HA HA. LOL. AC Rocks.

All Big Red said was that you could keep your unlimited plan, they never promised you could keep it for the same price when you re-up. They went to tiered data, do you really think they won't increase your rate?

they do that and they'll lose customers.. I doubt they will charge more since they've already said that you keep unlimited when you upgrade to a LTE device.

Multiple reports, including several from Android Central, have reported from verizon that "existing customers will be able to keep their unlimited plan at current pricing going forward, and that offer will persist through any future upgrades or renewals." That means if we change from a 3G to LTE phone, Android, iPhone or whateverphone. They're grandfathering current unlimited data users in. It's been confirmed. Done deal.

They may change their price structure somewhat, but not for Premier Gold customers. They've been witness to the ire of current Verizon customers, as well as been the beneficiary of said customers who have already switched to Sprint. And once the deal is made, and they switch over to LTE, they'll benefit even more. Sprint's unlimited plans and the devices that use them have become the foundation of their service...and a huge marketing tool.

He he he he .... for the time being....

I'm on Verizon and it's also nice not to worry about "data"..... for the time being....

Me 2 I'm on Verizon and I have unlimited data plan HTC thunderbolt with 4g service in my area. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

I don't care if it's FREE EVERYTHING; phone and ALL service....what good is it if it doesn't WORK in MY area?! Verizon WORKS everywhere I go - Sprint doesn't, ergo I have Verizon... WITH UNLIMITED DATA!!!!

YES!!! Sprint ROCKS with - wait for it - U-N-L-I-M-I-T-E-D DATA!!!! (Roar of the crowd!) So AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, put THAT in your pipe and smoke it. :P

Now, Sprint don't go change things and make those of us who are championing your decision to offer unlimited data look bad.

Oh, but they ARE changing things - they are going to LTE!! Bye-bye unlimited data for new Sprint users!

You will have (MAYBE) - wait for it - U-N-L-I-M-I-T-E-D DATA on a grandfathered plan. Prepared to "look bad" (whatever that means), Sprint doesn't give a shineola how they "make you look."

This whole "rooting" (pardon the pun) for "my" phone company is silly.

I have Pzizz on my Macbook and it's wonderful, but really? Now I have to pay $6 more to get it on my EVO. Grrrrrr.

I am in grandfathered in on the unlimited data with Verizon. But if the day comes and they tell me I can't keep it........well, I will leave for Sprint. I never thought I would say that, but the bottom line is my wallet, not Verizon's.
I think the best thing Verizon customers can do is email Verizon and let them know how they feel about the changes made on the data plan.
I think the more who write and complain, then maybe they will listen.
Sure is worth a shot right? Don't just sit there and complain, do something about it. They had tiered data, changed it and now have changed it again. So, get with it people. Let's all ban together on this. Email Verizon.......the more who complain, maybe they will bring the unlimited data back. I don't want to leave the best network but if I can't keep my unlimited.......they give me no choice.

>"I never thought I would say that, but the bottom line is my wallet, not Verizon's."

You are already paying a lot more for Verizon, even if you are grandfathered in. Of course, the data coverage of Verizon is better than Sprint's, but they do have the same voice coverage (since they roam on each other).

By the time Verizon kills the grandfather plan, Sprint will be on their own tiered data plan. So you might as well just go with the company that best fits your needs. For me, it's Verizon. Otherwise I would have switched a long time ago.

Why would you email Verizon to complain about the changes to the data plans...WHEN THEY DON'T AFFECT YOU???

correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Sprint throttle your speeds like T-Mo and ATT?
I'm glad my family and I are grandfathered in with unlimited data on Verizon. I was willing to look into the shared family data that was rumored but I guess that didn't happen.. yet.

As of last summer, they do. They just don't pick a set GB level like T-mo. Its more like Verizon and they throttle when they need to.

Edit*** this caveat is for 3G. The upload speeds are throttled on 4G at 1Mbps but will increase to 1.5 this summer.

Lots of misinformation there. Sprint does not throttle download or upload speeds. The 1 Mbps CAP is a cap on upload speeds. It will be increased to 1.5 Mbps. Downloads have no cap, and also no throttling.

k, for one thing.. why mark my post as spam?! I clearly said "correct me if I'm wrong..." I was under the impression they did but wasn't 100% and was seeking clarification. Sheesh as great a community this is you guys can treat one of your own as a iFanboi when it comes to carrier and manufacturer opinions! Now I know that they don't and we can all be a little jealous inside against new Sprint customers for the option to get unlimited. Android Rules!

Sprint 4G is throttled. There are lawsuits against Clear, for false advertisement. Many people claim to get as low as dialup speeds.

Sprint 4G is not throttled. Your confusing Clear customers with Sprint customers. The lawsuits are from people using Clear as their ISP. It has nothing to do with Sprint.

I love how all the verizon haters are trying to say that they have unlimited data... guess what!? So do we! Verizon is only changing data rates for NEW customers or NEW phone lines--it's been confirmed by VZW! So enjoy your 2 bars!

Only because they have to honor existing contracts. If you want to upgrade to a new phone on Verizon, at some point you're going to be shifted onto tiered data. As Smartphones move more and more data into the cloud and data speeds become faster, tiered data is going to make access to that more and more expensive. A lot of people are going to be stuck paying a lot of money for less features than they had available before. Not saying I hate Verizon, I just think that it's bad for consumers.

I get great Sprint coverage in my area and fast WiMax speeds when I need it. It may not be as fast as LTE, but it's good enough for what I use the phone for and for the price can't be beat. Who knows if it will be that way forever, but if you're in a WiMax-available area it's hard to argue with Sprint being the best choice. I've been on both VZW and Sprint so I speak from experience.

Hey sprint guys, download ghost town and play it on 4g. O wait sprint wont let you stream it. I don't consider something that blocks you from using apps because of the data load unlimited . My buddy charges his evolution when he borrows my tbolt to play ghost town. I like the fastest web in north America and its unlimited :)) let the hating begin. Ill read it while listening to ghost town.

T.g.i.s... You gotta love Sprint's plans where like, for instance, I'm on a 400 minute plan (or something like that) a month, but the "400 minutes" they are talking about is from me to a hard-line. Me to a cell, talking or texting, is still both unlimited, t.g.i.s. moosc is right, Pzizz needs a trial. I don't work out currently so I couldn't judge the cardio, and BBC seems like a good app for those who like following BBC. I personally go for the straight all-tech news, all-sports news, or FoxNews (yes, hate me 4 being republican).

edit: Latetalgs - Can't really talk trash about Verizon too much. I say Sprint and Verizon go neck and neck. They both have killer 4G speeds, and one or the other can either have really awesome coverage (full 3G, full 4G) depending on where your at, and then one or the other can have terrible shit coverage (1X, roaming, etc) depending on where your at. I think they both have advantages and disadvantages. I never had Verizon though so I can't give an unbiased opinion, I've just played around on it on co-workers phones.

Well spoken I don't have a problem with sprint, just the morons that don't know what they are talking about :)

I personally have the cardio trainer pro app from the free app of the day from amazon. I have been using it for the past 3 months and it is pretty darn nifty. The medal notification that shows how many calories you burned based on your activities that are logged is a pretty good motivator. I learned to use it for when it tracks my exercise with a combo of gps and motion sensor to check my pacing. It's pretty good in general. I definitely recommend it if you wnat to try and maintain a workout schedule.

I use Endomondo for my walking and biking (all other cardio I do at the GYM on machines with read outs)

Cardio trainer pro app sounds interesting, I'll check it out. Thanks!

np. play around with it. it's pretty decent. It can also set up reminders for you and with the pro key you can also set a weight loss goal.
in general, my experience is that it is a pretty good motivator. I believe it also has a function that you can set for it to tell you time spent, distance and all that in intervals while you're running with it. it can also manage you music for you when you run. (I dont use the music function because i prefer to have more direct control of what song i'm listening to, but if you have a playlist set for your activity, it's perfect)

I will write VZW about unlimited, but a store owner told me Apple had a lot ttp do with them going in that direction and are controlling a lot of what VZW is doing now with regards to plans and marketing...

I highly doubt this. Apple needed Verizon more than Verizon needed Apple (in order to buffer Android's growth and cut down the flack they were taking over AT&T's network being crap), and it doesn't make any sense why Apple would want users to use less data - they just want more people to use iPhones. With them shifting information into the cloud with iCloud, people are going to use more data.

It makes a lot more sense that Verizon is doing this for Verizon, especially with the cost of rolling out LTE upgrades and the expected bump in data hungry smartphone users they're going to get when the iPhone 5 comes out.

I'm starting to wonder if Youtube still beats the internet with the "most irritating comments full of idiots" award, or if Android Central finally won out.