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Looking for some new applications to help pass your Easter weekend? Let's jump past the break and take a look at some of our favorites for this week.

Chris Parso​ns - Root Uninstaller Pro ($1.99)

Root Uninstaller

We all know carriers and OEM's like to load up devices with things they feel are important to folks. Root Uninstaller PRoSometimes the things they load are cool and useful, sometimes -- not so much. If you've rooted your device though, most of what they load can be removed and never have to be dealt with again. There is plenty of options in the Google Play Store to achieve this but one of my personal favorites is Root Uninstaller Pro. They offer a free and paid ($2) version and both have plenty of features built in with the free version covering most needs. Uninstall system apps, freeze or disable bloat, backup of system applications and app hiding are all features available within. Awesome tool to have available. [Google Play Link]

Sean Brunnet - ESPN Fantasy Baseball (Free)

Fantasy Baseball

ESPNBaseball season has begun and I am a big fantasy baseball player. Though I manage a few different teams, I mostly use ESPN as my site of choice. Due to this, I need a way to access my teams when I’m on-the-go, and ESPN has done a great job with their official app. The app is free from the Google Play Store and with it, you’ll be able to manage your bench, add and drop players, view live scoring and read the latest fantasy analysis. It’s a well done app that builds upon the app they released last year. If you’re a fantasy baseball player on ESPN, you need this app. [Google Play Link]

Kevin O'Quinn - Rom Toolbox Pro ($4.99)

Rom Toolbox

Take ROM Manager, Titanium Backup, SetCPU, and a few other very useful root only apps and combine them into one app.  That's what you get with Rom Toolbox Pro.  Granted, the individual Rom Toolboxapps have more functionality than Rom Toolbox Pro, but 95% of what you need is here.  I've found that it's replaced more than one app and definitely gets the job done.  The UI is nicely done and has an ICS feel to it.  It also has a few tricks up it's sleeve, like the ability to change your boot animation, or install fonts, themes, icons, and boot logos.  The app is nicely organized into three categories, Tools, Performance, and Interface.  Everything is exactly where you expect it to be.

There's a free version that will let you do the basic stuff (and will definitely get the job done), but the paid version is on sale for half off right now and unlocks some great features as well as moving ads.  And of course, they both require root. [Google Play Link]

Richard De​vine - Mi File Explorer (Free)

MI File

I'm heading outside of the Google Play Store this week. With that comes the usual disclaimers about installing apps from third party sources. But it's definitely worth a look.

MIUI isn't a custom ROM I'm familiar with personally, I've always been a CM fan. It does however have a fantastic file explorer that is now available for all android devices, no root required. This is now my go to, replacing the venerable Astro.

It's best feature is its simplicity. Instead of a huge list of folders, it splits everything down by file type for you. For someone as disorganised as me this is a lifesaver. No longer I need to hunt around for documents, or those backed up apk files. This finds them for me.

That's not to say the option to browse your SD card isn't there too, because it is. As is support for FTP, not something that I use personally. Functionality on top of a really nice UI, this is definitely worth a look. Big thanks as ever to the XDA community for this one. [Download Link]

Phil Nickinson - Alarm Clock by doubleTwist ($1.99)

Double Twist

Alarm ClockChances are if I actually need an alarm clock, it's going to be a very long day, and most likely far from home. The new Alarm Clock by doubleTwist at least makes a jarring wake-up look a little nicer. Sure, every Android phone has a built-in alarm clock. But this one looks good. It's got an easy-to-use setup, and you've got a choice of an analog or flip desktop clock in landscape mode. Animations are smooth as butter, and everything works as you'd expect.

PS - For Easter weekend the developers have sliced the price down to only 99 cents! [Google Play Link]

Al​ex Dobie - Auto SMS (Free)

Auto SMS

An occupational hazard of working for AC is having to juggle multiple phones at once. Whenever I review something, I try to use it as my daily driver as much as possible, though it's not always practical to be swapping SIM cards left and right. Call forwarding is easy enough to set up, but Auto SMSwhat about text messages? For me, this is where Auto SMS becomes indispensable.

Auto SMS is an app that, true to its name, automates many common tasks involving text messages.  There's an extensive feature list, including automatic forwarding of messages (the one I use most often), auto-reply and SMS reading. The latter automatically reads messages aloud, which might not be ideal in every situation, but I can see it being immensely useful for anyone who does a lot of driving.

If you find yourself juggling a lot of different phones, or you're just a busy person in general, Auto SMS may be a really convenient little app. It's available for free on Google Play for devices running Android 2.1 and above. [Google Play Link]

Jerry Hildenbrand - Adobe Photoshop Touch ($9.99)

Photoshop Touch

If you're into photographs and photography with your Android devices, this past week was all about Instagram. But not every picture that comes from your Android needs to be grainy and look like it came from a toy camera. For those times, and if you're serious (or semi-serious) about your Photoshopphotos, there's Photoshop.

Adobe's done something spectacular here. It's 10 bucks, but for your money you get a full picture editor, with desktop-style features done up just right for a touch interface. Layers, selection tools, filters and effects, it's all here, and while there's a learning curve (it is Photoshop after all) it's very well done and intuitive. For a lot of things, Photoshop Touch is overkill. It's a big app, and takes a good chunk of your system resources to run -- just like it does on your desktop. But if you're looking for a professional grade tool to edit photos, look no further.

One last thing here -- I only recommend this one on a tablet. It will install on phones with Ice Cream Sandwich, but anything smaller than a Galaxy Note is going to be too small to effectively use these tools. Stick with something a bit lighter and easier to use on your phone. [Google Play Link]

Anndrew Vacca - Canabalt HD ($2.99)


I'm not what you would call a "gamer", so I tend to stick to the simple, no-frills titles for Android. That's why Canabalt, a longtime iOS favorite, is one of the only games I play on a daily basis. The Canabaltpremise is as simple as simple can be: run. Run fast, run far, but never stop running. Jump over gaps, break through windows, and avoid debris, just don't stop running. It's easy to play (press to jump, running is the automatic motion), and completely addictive once you get the hang of how your stick-man moves and maneuvers. Android's version has a few perks, including the option to switch between traditional 2D and advanced 3D background graphics, but you won't have much time to pay attention to what's happening behind you, or you'll run the risk of making your next jump. Canabalt provides the ultimate gaming experience: total immersion. From gameplay to the soundtrack (it's really, really good), you'll fall so far into Canabalt that you'll forget you're not actually running for your life. [Google Play Link]


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Android Central Editors' app picks for April 7, 2012


ROM Toolbox Pro ...

"the paid version is on sale for half off right now"

I'm seeing $5. I think that sale may be over.

I was thinking of picking it up when it was $2.99 and the developer was donating to testicle cancer research but I already have ROM Manager, Titanium Backup, SetCPU and they all work well.

I should have picked it up when it was cheap and some $$$ went to cancer research just to give it a shot.

Cool UI. Titanium Backup has one of the worst UIs I have seen but it works well so that's what I rely on.

Yeah, I like that I can do most of what I need to from one app, and I did get it when it was on sale.  I guess that's the delay in writing something and it getting published.  :)

Not as full featured as the stand-alone apps, but if you don't already have the Pro versions of those it's definitely worth IMHO.

Alarm Clock: Why do I care what it looks like? I'm Asleep!
Stock is fine.

(Was about to dis Auto SMS too, when I realized Al​ex Dobie might not have access to Google Voice in Britain. )

Good to see MI file explorer break out of MIUI, I ran MIUI XJ for about a year and have missed that component most since getting a non rooted phone.
FTP functionality is brilliantly easy for transferring a lot of music and a bonus over the rest of the functionality

If you're already rooted, Titanium Backup or ROM Toolbox should be one of the first apps you install. Both offer the same thing as Root Uninstaller Pro, so I personally don't see why one should purchase an app that only duplicates the functions of those two must-have applications.

@Al​ex Dobie, Why not just use Google Voice for all the phones you juggle. One number to rule them, so to speak.

Tried the MIUI file explorer, looks nice, but can't browse my external sd card with it. CM9 mounts the external sd to /mnt/emmc, and not /mnt/sdcard/external_sd like GB based ROMS, and there is no option to specify the mount location.

LOVE DoubleTwist's new alarm app! After using the one that came pre-loaded which only works when it wants to, I bought two others, both of which promptly stopped the ascending sound the minute I paid for them. DoubleTwists has a small footprint compared to those, works great, starts quiet and gradually gets louder and just does what it's supposed to.

Why can't some one make a alarm clock app like Motorola's alarm clock. That is the best alarm clock ever.

Mainly because it's not as great as iPhone users made it out tobe.
It's a mediocre game that really only got as much attention as it did cause it was only available on the iOS so iPhone users hyped it up to Android users since it was something they had that we couldn't.

Much like Instagram. Nothing special. We've already had apps that were better. For some reason when iPhone exclusive apps jump to Android, Android users flock to it like vultures cause it was an iOS exclusive. It has to be awesome right?.... x_X

Maybe you're doing something wrong... I have the free version and it changes my boot animations just fine (epic 4g touch)

It's the phone. Not all of the changes work on the GS2. Battery meter doesn't work right (never shows the right %) or the Boot animations.