Nexus 7

A big congrats goes out to Android Central member cboekhoven, who was the lucky (random) winner of a brand-new Nexus 7 tablet in our contest this week to celebrate our app passing 100,000 installations.

More than 5,200 entries were received this round. Don't worry — it'll hardly be our last contest.

Congrats, again, and be sure to give our app a shot if you haven't already!


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And our latest winner of a new Nexus 7 is ...


Hello this is your neighborhood friendly Nexus 7 tablet checker. We've had some rumblings of it being amazing so we need to take it do some research! Jk

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congrats man! i am deperately waiting for it to release in india so that i can pick one up! Congrats again!

Congratulations cboekhoven! I'm sure you're going to love it.

Great app, great site, great drawings - keep up the good work!

hasnt he won something before? I remember seeing that name on a winners thread previously. Or maybe Im just having a case of de ja vu

Thanks for the congrats everybody! I'm playing with it now :-) Phil was awesome and it overnighted to me!

Posted via Android Central App via my new Nexus 7 courtesy of AC!!!

Congrats hope you enjoy it. I was hoping to win this for mom. Many years she has worked PC's and laptops and she has never owned a smart device I trying to get her into the Android world I know she would love it. Well anyways congrats and have fun.

Posted by my HTC 4G LTE