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We've been seeing lots of signs that a 32 GB model of Google's Nexus 7 was going to be announced, and today it's been officially announced. A nice little surprise in the announcement is that the new Nexus 7 also has 3G of the HSPA+ variety built in, compatible with the Three network in the UK, AT&T in the U.S, and plenty of other networks worldwide. 

The U.S. version of the 32 GB Nexus 7 with HSPA+ connectivity will cost $299 and work on AT&T's network, or you can skip the cellular data and save fifty bucks. The UK model will be available for £199 starting at 4:30 PM today. Those in U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain and Canada be able to order unlocked devices right from Google starting November 13.

So, who's biting?


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3G HSPA+ Nexus 7 with 32 GB storage announced for $299


I couldn't agree more. The thrill of super fast lte speeds is slowly going away as Verizon keeps making me upset with devices , customer service , policies , etc. I have a cheap plan with them .. that's why I'm holding on really. If I paid regular prices I'd be gone

Straight Talk uses both AT&T's and T-Mobile's network. I think they actually use 2 different types of SIM cards (one for each network), but I might be wrong. The Nexus 7 3G can presumably only work on AT&T's frequencies. They probably would have mentioned T-Mobile if it worked on their GSM/HSPA+ bands, too, but they didn't. If you're not sure, check with Straight Talk to see if your SIM card will work or you need a different one.

Edit: I guess I don't have the whole story on this one. See TheOnlyMorgan's comment below.

i read "Nexus 7 can now operate on more than 200 GSM providers worldwide"
so probably no build in SIM cards, IMO

I think I'm buying the Nexus 4 to replace my SGS1, and this to replace my N7 16GB. Swap sims between the two, and be happy. So yeah, I'm probably biting.

Play Store page for this says it's unlocked. So that means that a Straight Talk AT&T SIM should work with it and give you data coverage. If someone can hack access to the Phone app onto this then people can have a 7 inch screened phone.

Also the Play Store page shows pentaband 3G (T-Mobile compatibility on paper) but that could be a mistake.

edit: The Verge had more info
It is pentaband but apparently Google will have either AT&T or T-Mobile SIM preinstalled, I'm guessing that can be chosen at checkout. If that's the case and the SIM can't be accessed then no Straight Talk or T-Mobile prepaid SIMs for us.

If that is the case (no access to SIM), will you have to carry a contract with the carrier? Or is it possible to do a month-to-month?

So is it capable of making phone calls (not skype) and sending texts like the gsm version of the galaxy tab2?

UK price for 3G/UMTS version is 239
But still a good price

Explains some of the heavy discounting on Gal Tab2 I've seen recently.

Wow Nexus 7 with 32GB and Cell Modem for $299. That is cheaper than the base iPad Mini with 16GB and Wi-Fi only ($329). It would cost you $559 for that same unit with just those two specs with the iPad Mini.

I purchased the 16 Gb model for $249. Am I getting any kind of refund or is that what I get for being an early adopter? I feel like I just got screwed over by Apple.

@miketherobot Unfortunately, bud, I think this is what you "get" for being an early adopter as you said...which stinks. I don't particularly care for this trend in gadgets now where we see hardware refreshes so often it borders on being excessive. Of course, consumers could show these companies what they really think of such practices by not simply purchasing the constant stream of hardware revisions but that's unlikely with contemporary red-blooded Americans. While I'm particularly interested in the 32GB version (never owned a tablet of any sort), I personally believe the 16GB and 32GB configurations should've been sold from the outset. 8GB in 2012 (which is actually LESS THAN 8GB available to the user) was absolutely ridiculous, I don't care what Google's motive or intention was.

do these come with jb 4.2 onboard? or are the in line with the older nexus devices for update?

I feel the pain too! I bought an 8Gb for my mother and 16Gb for myself 37 days ago and now Google releases the version I had been waiting for. I guess I can give my 16Gb to someone in the family and then get me this one, although I wish it was LTE. I'm not looking forward to loosing the progress in most of my games again. Ugh!!!