Sprint's Flex Lease program is the best way to get Samsung's new Galaxy S10 Android smartphone for a very low price. You will only pay $20 a month for the phone. You can also choose to go with the Samsung Galaxy S9 on the Flex Lease instead. That deal means you'll only pay $10 a month for the previous generation.

The Flex Lease is always an 18-month lease. You will need approved credit and a new line of service. After that time is up, you can return the phone and upgrade to a new model or buy the rest of the price of the phone. If you choose to buy out the phone instead of upgrading to whatever new smartphone is out at the time, you can either pay off the rest in one lump sum or choose a six-month payment plan (basically converting your 18-month lease to a normal 24-month one).

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The way the Flex Lease programs works is it applies a credit onto your bill and usually takes a couple months to get going. For example, the Galaxy S10 would normally be $37.50 a month. On the Flex Lease, you'll get a $17.50 credit applied to your bill to bring the total down to $20. The Galaxy phones are available in white, blue, and black.

If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, our review of the Galaxy S10+ paints a clear picture. It has one of the best smartphone displays we've ever seen, powerful technology, and three cameras that include one 16MP ultra wide-angle camera you'll just want to mess around with. The review said, "the Galaxy S10 gets as close as possible to fulfilling the promise of being the best phone for the widest range of people out there" and reviewer Andrew Martonik added, "I can recommend a Galaxy S10 or S10+ to anyone and not worry that it'll be missing something they want or rely on in a modern high-end smartphone."

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