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You can finally afford AirPods thanks to this massive Black Friday deal

Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

AirPods were endlessly mocked when they were first unveiled back in 2016, but four years later, they're the most iconic earbuds on the market. Endless competitors have since tried taking away some of AirPods' popularity, but even so, they remain at the top of the charts.

The biggest problem with AirPods — just like so many Apple products — is that they're expensive. Buying a pair of AirPods is not a decision that comes lightly, but thanks to a new discount for Black Friday, that changes a bit.

You can buy AirPods right now for just $119, which is a hefty discount from the $159 retail price. This offer won't be around forever, though, so make sure to act fast if you're interested.

AirPods are a well-known quantity at this point, but if you've never really looked into what they can do, here's a quick recap.

These are truly wireless earbuds, meaning there isn't a wire connecting either bud. Place them in your ears, rock out to your favorite music, and place them back in the included charging case when they run out of battery. You can expect up to five hours of continuous listening time, and when you factor in that charging case, you get more than 24 hours of total battery life.

Pairing AirPods is as easy as opening the case, because if you have an iPhone or another Apple product, they'll automatically be recognized and connected instantly. They also switch seamlessly between your Apple gear, so if you move from your iPhone to your iMac, AirPods will automatically switch between the two. It's something not found with any other earbuds and is honestly kind of magical in day-to-day use.

AirPods also deliver good audio quality, great microphone performance for phone calls, and a lightweight design that allows for comfortable wear all day long. Apple stuff doesn't go on sale that often, so if you've been eyeing AirPods as a gift for yourself or someone else, this is a deal you really don't want to miss.

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

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  • Yeah, the price isn't the reason I wasn't buying them.