Yeelight's D2 Smart Lamp lands in the U.S., and you can get it for 50% off

Yeelight D2
Yeelight D2 (Image credit: Yeelight)

Yeelight makes some of the best smart LED light bulbs you can buy today, and the brand also makes desk lights and ambient lighting solutions. Its latest launch in the U.S. is the D2 Smart Lamp, a bedside lamp with 16 million colors and adjustable color temperature (1700K to 6500K).

The lamp has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and integrates with Google Assistant, Alexa, or HomeKit, giving you the ability to turn it on or off, change colors, and more with just your voice. You can also pair the lamp with the Yeelight app and set up schedules, color profiles, and adjust brightness. The D2 includes gesture controls at the top for power and at the bottom for changing colors and brightness without having to use your phone or a digital assistant.

The D2 bedside lamp has been available in other markets for over a year now, and it is now making its debut in the U.S. for $60. As part of the launch, Yeelight is offering Android Central readers the chance to pick up the lamp for $30 — 50% off its retail price. Just use the promo code ‌ANDROIDCENTRAL from the link below, and you can get your hands on the D2 for $30.

The deal is valid until September 22, so if you're looking for a smart bedside lamp with Assistant or HomeKit integration, you'll need to act fast. And if you're interested in seeing what else the brand has to offer, I've rounded up the best Yeelight products.

Yeelight D2 Smart Lamp

Yeelight D2 Smart Lamp

The Yeelight D2 smart bedside lamp features 16 million colors and integrates with Google Assistant, Alexa, or HomeKit. It has sliders at the bottom to adjust the brightness or colors, and you can easily set up schedules. Use promo code ANDROIDCENTRAL to pick up the D2 for just $30.

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