Which Google Home Hub color should you buy?

Best answer: It's completely down to personal preference, but the Chalk (grey) Google Home Hub is likeliest to fit in with the decor in any home.

Google Store: Google Home Hub ($150)

Always go neutral

There are four different colors you can get the Google Home Hub in: Chalk (grey), Charcoal (black), Aqua (green), and Sand (peach). While any of these colors will look great in the home, the Chalk model is the most neutral. Grey can go with just about anything, so if you have a weird color scheme going on in your home, this at least won't make matters worse. We'll shout out the Charcoal option as well for having that same quality.

Of course, Sand and Aqua have their own places depending on your home decor. Be sure to double check the feng shui of your living room, kitchen, or bedroom if you opt for either of these models.

They're mostly the same on the front

No matter which Google Home Hub color you choose, the front of the device will always have a white bezel. The only bit of your preferred color scheme you'll see from that angle is the bottom portion of the base.

We should note, however, that the rear of the Google Home Hub has a full splash of the featured hue. If the rear of the Google Home Hub will be facing toward a wall in your home, you won't have to worry about the color you choose dominating the color scheme of the room. However, for everyone else, it's worth thinking about where you'll be putting the device and how it'll clash with the colors in that part of your home.

Are there any other differences?

At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter which color Google Home Hub you get, so long as you're happy with that color. This smart display costs and works the same no matter which color you get.

Quentyn Kennemer