Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be unveiled next month, and for the most part, it'll look nearly identical to last year's Note 8.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, but to help shake things up, some rumors are hinting at the Note 9 coming in a variety of eye-catching colors.

Some of our AC forum users recently got to speculating about the colors they'd like to see, and this is what they said!

Gray Area

I'm interested in seeing the two tone options. I saw a concept with a nice blue and gold with the gold spen with blue dial. I'd be interested in that.


I just need black. Even though I use a case I couldn't stand looking at an off the wall color peaking out.


Samsung makes the S9 in a burgundy red, but it's not available in the US to my knowledge. Red phones are indeed nice. My favorite was the red Nokia Lumia 1520. A number of OEMs are making their phones in red, so it's definitely not just an Apple thing. In fact they were one of the last to the game. As the Note9 is viewed mainly as a productivity device, it seems Samsung isn't as...


I'm hoping that no phone is ever released in the colour in the clip.


What about you? What colors would you like to see the Galaxy Note 9 released in?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9


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