What are the best Sprint deals?

If you're just moving over to Sprint, then you should definitely be taking a look at what deals they have available. There's no sense in simply signing up without first looking for a little more bang for your buck.

Get two GS7s for the price of one

That's right; if you sign up for two new lines with Sprint and buy a Galaxy S7 on one, they'll give you a free Galaxy S7 for the other.

Or, if you choose an S7 Edge as the first phone, you get 50 percent off the second phone, if it's an S7 or S7 Edge.

You have to sign both lines up for 24 months and if you cancel one of them, you have to pay out the phone. The "free" phone actually comes in the form of monthly bill credits. The credits are applied to the lower-cost device, so if you went for the Edge and your second phone is a regular S7, the credits would be applied to the S7.

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Switch to Sprint and save 50 percent

If you switch to Sprint from Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Cricket, Metro PCS, or U.S. Cellular, you can get a plan for half of what you were paying for another carrier.

Sprint will even pay your switching fees up to $650 in monthly bill credits, and you'll have to bring your number with you from the other carrier.

These savings are available on most plans, but not all, and you had to have a similar plan through one of the other carriers. You can't have an AT&T 2GB data plan and expect to switch to a Sprint unlimited plan for half of what you were paying.

If you're not satisfied with the Sprint network, you have 30 days to return your phone.

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Get $150 off the LG G5

If you trade in your eligible smartphone, Sprint will give you a $150 credit toward the LG G5, as well as a free accessory bundle.

Your trade-in phone has to have a value of at least $10 (determined by Sprint).

The $150 credit will be applied after your first three bills.

The free accessory kit comes with an extra battery, a charging cradle, and a USB-C to micro USB adapter. You have to register with LG and upload a copy of your receipt to get it.

You must sign up for a 24-month contract and either pay nothing up front and $24, per month or pay $149.99 up front and nothing monthly for the phone, with a mail-in rebate.

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Save $120 and get a free memory upgrade with the Galaxy S6 Edge+

You can get a 64GB Galaxy S6 Edge+ for the same price as a 32 GB Galaxy S6 Edge+.

You have to sign up for a 24-month installment plan. The cost of the phone is $30 per month, on top of your regular monthly bill.

If you pay $449.99 up front, then you owe nothing for the phone on your monthly payments. You end up saving $370 on the phone if you can afford the money up front.

If you terminate your contract early, you could end up paying up to $350 per line.

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