This Samsung deal gets you $40 off the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Watch 4 Classic

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series (Image credit: Samsung)

Whether you want the versatility of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or the stainless steel heft of the Watch 4 Classic, now's your chance to get one of these highly-rated smartwatches with $40 off the retail price. Just head to the Samsung store and the savings will be waiting — no trade-ins, new lines, or special codes required. If you need some extra context, this promotion brings the starting price of the Galaxy Watch 4 to $209.99 (the regular price is $249.99) and the Classic to $309.99 (usually $349.99). 

And don't worry if you're not ready for the one-time payment. Samsung is also extending the same offer to customers who want to pay over 36 months. That's a total monthly payment of $5.84 for the Galaxy Watch 4 or $8.62 for the Classic with 0% APR — in other words, just a few dollars more than your daily cup of coffee.

Another nice part of the deal is that the discount still applies even when you personalize the device. Want the Galaxy Watch 4 with the 44mm case and a red hybrid leather band? You still get the $40 instant rebate. Increase your connectivity to include 4G LTE and the discount will grow to $60 of instant savings. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 lineup generated lots of buzz when it launched last year, partly because the wearables were the first smartwatches to run Wear OS 3, the result of a highly-publicized collaboration between Samsung and Google. As we detailed in our Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 review, these wearables aren't perfect, but the elegant design, intelligent fitness tracking, and battery life were enough to place both watches firmly in our list of best Android smartwatches

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 / Watch 4 Classic: Deal of the day

Galaxy Watch 4$249.99$209.99

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">Galaxy Watch 4 $249.99 $209.99

Buy the Galaxy Watch 4 on the Samsung site and you'll get an instant rebate of $40 upon checkout. If you'd rather not pay for the phone outright, you can enjoy the same offer by paying $5.84/month for 36 months with 0% APR. 

Boasting an elegant, thoughtful design, useful features, and a variety of attractive color options, the Galaxy Watch 4 is a solid choice if you want a smartwatch that expertly balances both style and performance. 

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic$349.99$309.99

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">Galaxy Watch 4 Classic $349.99 $309.99

The deal doesn't change if you want to spend a little extra cash and buy the Watch 4 Classic. An instant rebate of $40 is waiting, no hassle, and no complicated purchase requirements. You could also spend $8.62 a month for 36 months if you'd like to avoid the one-time payment. 

Unlike the Galaxy Watch 4, which features a lightweight aluminum case, the Classic has a stainless steel construction that gives the high-end watch some added heft. The watch also features a rotating bezel and a noticeably larger display. 

If you want to add some alternate style options for your new smartwatch, check out our guide to the best Galaxy Watch 4 bands or Galaxy Watch 4 Classic bands.

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