There's still time to end Cyber Monday in style with the Razr Anzu smart glasses

Razer Anzu smart glasses
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Cyber Monday is almost over, but you can't let it end without at least checking out the Razr Anzu. These "smart glasses" are actually pretty cool, and they look great too. And while they're not particularly "smart," they still have some nice features that will make you jump at this 78% discount.

That's right, the Razr Anzu, which I reviewed back in 2021, have seen a massive discount, dropping the original $199 price tag down to just $44 and some change. That's more than $150 off, and honestly, that's a sweet price to pay to look as cool as I do.

Razer Anzu smart glasses:$199$44.95 at Amazon

Razer Anzu smart glasses: $199 $44.95 at Amazon

The Razr Anzu are stylish smart glasses that connect to your phone so you can jam out to your tunes and look good while you're doing it. They're also great for videoconferencing or gaming at home, thanks to a dedicated low-latency mode. And easily replaceable lenses make these glasses quite versatile.

While I admittedly had a mixed first experience with the Anzu, I've actually come to really appreciate these glasses over the past couple of years. They're not really "smart," so don't expect much in the way of AI or anything resembling XR glasses from other brands. Of the different types of smart glasses out there, these are more "audio glasses," as they feature built-in speakers, touch panels on the sides, and a Bluetooth connection so you can pair your phone and other items.

Still, I often find myself pulling these out when I go on hikes or on walks, as they allow me to still listen to my music and take calls while also allowing me to remain aware of my surroundings. The speakers are pretty loud and aim directly at your ears, which is nice. Plus, they look quite good, and you almost wouldn't know that these have built-in speakers.

Wearing the Razer Anzu smart glasses

(Image credit: Derrek Lee / Android Central)

What's great about getting the Razer Anzu at this price is that if you need prescription lenses like I do, the money you're saving can go toward those. The lenses also pop out easily, so you can switch from sunglasses to regular blue light-filtering lenses. The glasses come in two sizes and two different styles, rectangular and round, so you can pick whichever shape better matches your vibe.

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