How to use the AI Zepp Coach on your Amazfit smartwatch

Amazfit Zepp Coach app and Amazfit T-Rex Ultra
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Plenty of reputable fitness brands rely on inhuman algorithms to recommend how hard to work out or when to rest. Amazfit's Zepp app has similar tools with its PAI data, encouraging you to earn PAI based on your specific health and fitness levels. But if you want more specific advice, you can turn to the Zepp Coach AI for answers.

Jumping on the ChatGPT craze, Amazfit is relying on a chatbot to give answers to questions like "advice for increasing my VO2 Max" and "What type of cardio is most efficient at burning fat" as you prepare for your next workout. Here's how to use the AI Zepp Coach, which Amazfit watches support it, and what it can do.

How to use the Amazfit AI Zepp Coach

Currently, Amazfit's Zepp Coach is in beta, so you'll need to apply to receive access.

1. Before you begin, make sure you own either the Amazfit Falcon or Amazfit T-Rex Ultra. Zepp Coach only works with these two smartwatches as of May 2023.

2. Open the Zepp Coach survey link: U.S. link | Global link

3. Fill out the information. You'll need to include your Zepp ID, which you can find in the Profile tab by clicking on your profile picture

Before you can access the AI tool, you'll need to set up a standard Zepp Coach plan if you haven't already.

4. In the Zepp app, go to the Profile tab and click Zepp Coach. Note: The author successfully loaded Zepp Coach on the Android app, but the iOS app showed a blank screen despite multiple reboots.

5. Agree to the Data Use Statement.

6. Fill out how many workouts per week you plan to do, your average workout duration, and your average workout intensity. Hit Next.

7. Choose which Training days you're available or prefer to work out on. 

8. Schedule your High-intensity training day, then choose a Start Date for your Zepp Coaching plan. Hit Done.

9. Wait to receive approval for Zepp Coach from Amazfit. Once you're approved, you'll see a green icon on the top of the Zepp Coach feed. Tap it to open the AI chatbot and ask your questions! 

Note: The chatbot is, as of now, only available inside the Zepp app. You can't actually access it on your Amazfit watch itself. 

The Amazfit AI Zepp Coach beta is very limited, and not just because most of the best Amazfit watches — especially the affordable ones — can't use it. Nor that you have to pull out your phone to access it.

It's also limited because it doesn't take your fitness data into account. You can ask for general advice, but you can't ask how your best mile time compares to your age group average, or how you can improve your VO2 Max with specific parameters on how many anaerobic reps to aim for and at what pace to run, because the chatbot doesn't have the data. 

Of course, you may not want an AI database to have your personal workout data; privacy is a concern, and it's unclear whether something like ChatGPT or Google Bard would have the intelligence to properly interpret your data. If it confidently (and erroneously) told you to run as fast as Eliud Kipchoge and you hurt yourself, that has legal ramifications.

Still, several of the best fitness smartwatches will likely incorporate AI solutions in the near future, given Apple is investing in the tech and the now-defunct Amazon Halo was working on using AI to analyze your exercise form. It's intriguing to see Amazfit get in on the ground floor of this movement, and we're curious where things go next.

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