The Pixel Watch is finally here and offers a seamless pairing of Fitbit and Google

Google Pixel Watch
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What you need to know

  • Google's Pixel Watch is finally here with its eyes on health, fitness, and everything Google.
  • The device comes with deep Fitbit integration to utilize its software alongside the ability of Google Assistant, Google Wallet, and smart home tools via Google Home.
  • The Pixel Watch's Bluetooth/Wi-Fi variant starts at $349.99, while the 4G LTE variant starts at $399.99.

The Google Pixel Watch is now with us after its showing at the Made By Google fall event. The new smartwatch pairs the health and fitness software provided by Fitbit with everything Google right on your wrist.

Google's first hardware entry into the world of smartwatches features the company's software at its finest. The Pixel Watch is powered by Wear OS 3.5 and is compatible with Android phones rocking 8.0 and above. Google states its new Wear OS experience should feel more fluid and easier to navigate. With a refreshed user interface and richer notifications, the Pixel Watch will give you any bit of information you require via swipe, touch, or voice.

Users can even enjoy some of their favorite apps directly on their watch, like Spotify, Strava, and Adidas Running, alongside a few more available from the Google Play Store.

The Pixel Watch features a 294mAh battery that'll last up to 24 hours on a single charge. But, if you need a quick pick-me-up, the Pixel Watch can charge to 50% in just thirty minutes.

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The Pixel Watch also lets users utilize Google's helpfulness in a variety of ways without needing to touch their phones. Google Wallet on the Pixel Watch allows for seamless, contactless payments alongside turn-by-turn directions courtesy of Google Maps, and notifications from Calendar and Gmail. If you're interested in these notifications and ability without your phone on hand, you will need the 4G LTE variant of the Pixel Watch, which is particularly helpful for runners.

Of course, you can access Google Assistant from the watch, featuring the updated design that debuted with the Galaxy Watch series. Users will even have the ability to set a photo from Google Photos as their watch face.

Additionally, purchasing the new Pixel Watch provides you with three months of YouTube Music Premium (for new subscribers only) that opens its extensive library of over 100 million songs whenever you need some tunes through your watch.

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The Pixel Watch's Fitbit integration runs deep for those who are interested in staying fit and monitoring their health on a daily basis. If you're looking to get your heart pumping, the Pixel Watch features 40 workout modes, and you'll also receive a Daily Readiness Score so you can know how far to push your body on any given day.

Google's new watch contains Fitbit's all-day activity tracking, which captures your stats and progress and pits them against your goals.

When it comes to heart health, the Pixel Watch offers its most accurate continuous heart rate tracking. The company states that experts from Fitbit, Google Research, and Machine Intelligence have worked together to piece together this new machine learning-based approach to tracking your heart rate. It will inform you of your calories, Daily Readiness Score, and Active Zone Minutes while being light on the watch's battery life.

Through Fitbit, the Pixel Watch also gains sleep tracking. By the time you wake, you'll be able to check your Sleep Score and find a breakdown of your light, REM, and Deep sleep. Purchasing the Pixel Watch will also provide users with 6-months of Fitbit Premium, which opens the gates to over 800 workouts and over 200 mindfulness sessions.

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Google's Pixel Watch is designed to seamlessly fall right into line with its products, such as the Pixel 7 and the Pixel Buds Pro. Users can utilize Find My Device, talk to Google Assistant, and even use the watch as a smart home hub on their wrist with the Google Home app. The Pixel Watch will feature controls for your Google-based smart home products to dim the lights, receive security notifications, and to even set the temperature.

Google has also implemented a way to use the Pixel Watch as a remote shutter for your phone's camera.

With the Pixel Watch's circular body and domed design, the wearable feels like a more classic watch on your wrist. The watch features a tactile crown alongside scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla glass.

In terms of the Pixel Watch's style, there are a few ways the new wearable can bend to fit your unique style. The watch comes in four different options: matte black casing with an Obsidian Active band, Polished Silver case with a Charcoal Active band, Polished Silver case with a Chalk Active band, and a Champagne Gold case with a Hael Active band.

If the band with whichever style you've chosen no longer suits you, there are several other options such as Woven, Stretch, Active, Two-Tone leather, and Crafted Leather for you to look through and purchase separately.

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One final key feature of the Pixel Watch is that it can alert trusted contacts or dial 911 if you feel as though you are in danger. However, coming this winter, Google will provide an update to the watch giving it the ability to connect a user to emergency services if you've fallen, and it will auto-dial out if you are unresponsive. To utilize this, the Pixel Watch must either have an internet connection or it must be the 4G LTE variant of the device.

The Google Pixel Watch starts at $349.99 for its Bluetooth/Wi-Fi variant, while the 4G LTE version begins at $399.99.

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