The Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch finally get a launch date

Google I/O 2022 Pixel Family renders
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What you need to know

  • Google has unveiled the date of its upcoming MadeByGoogle event.
  • The company is slated to fully reveal new products, including the Pixel 7 series and Pixel Watch.
  • The event will take place on October 6 at 10 am ET.

We're almost there. Google has finally teased its upcoming MadeByGoogle event, where the company is expected to fully unveil the Pixel 7 series and Pixel Watch. The event will take place in a month's time on October 6.

The event was teased on Twitter with a video showcasing the company's upcoming devices, as well as some that have already launched, like the Pixel Buds Pro. The company captioned the tweet, "It's all coming together," highlighting the growing Pixel family of devices that will soon include a flagship smartwatch and eventually a tablet.

Google previously teased its upcoming devices at Google I/O 2022 earlier this year, showcasing their designs and a few features. The Pixel 7 series looks nearly identical to the current batch of flagship Pixel smartphones, save for some changes with the camera visor. We've also seen in a hands-on video that the prototypes have slightly different dimensions.

The Pixel 7 is slated to sport Google's second-gen tensor chipset, although we expect much of the hardware specs to be largely similar to the Pixel 6.

Google Pixel Watch clasp GIF

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As for the Pixel Watch, Google showed off some features we can expect from the device, like Fitbit integration and a Google Home app for controlling smart home products. While no specs have been confirmed yet, the watch is expected to be powered by an older Samsung chipset and provide roughly a day's worth of power. It could also come with as much as 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

The full Pixel Watch reveal could also signal a wider release for Wear OS 3, which is only available from two brands at the moment. Current models are expected to be updated to Wear OS 3, with new models in the works from various OEMs. Hopefully, Google will provide more insight into the update during the event.

The MadeByGoogle event will take place on October 6 at 10 am ET. You can head over to the Google Store website to sign up for a reminder.

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