Leaked Galaxy Ring charging case looks just like a real ring box

Samsung Galaxy Ring
(Image credit: Samsung)

What you need to know

  • A tipster posted an alleged rendering of Samsung's Galaxy Ring charging case on Weibo, showcasing its small, ring box-like design.
  • It seems consumers will need to place their Ring in the center of the device, around the raised portion, to begin charging.
  • The Galaxy Ring's FCC listing teased a charging "cradle," though it was only seen in a mockup from underneath.

Samsung's first smart ring continues to generate excitement, and the latest leak may have spilled its charging case.

Known tipster Ice Universe posted a supposed rendering of the Ring's charging case on Weibo (via 9to5Google). At first glance, the case looks similar to a ring box you'd spring open when the time is right. RingConn also has a similar ring case for its smart ring.

Internally, it seems consumers will nestle their Galaxy Ring around the raised portion with the expected contact pins for charging purposes.

A supposed look at the Galaxy Ring's charging case.

(Image credit: Ice Universe / Weibo)

There is another, slightly larger circle surrounding the Galaxy Ring in the image which could be some form of charging indicator. Most cases like this, especially for earbuds, offer some type of indicator to let you know your device is charging appropriately.

Samsung might opt for an in-device indicator as you set the Ring around the raised portion before closing. Aside from the case's supposed design, we're still left wondering about more concrete information about its specifications.

At the end of May, the Galaxy Ring appeared for its FCC certification, which revealed its specifications in terms of available sizes and battery capacities. However, that listing also gave a vague mockup drawing of the charging "cradle" from underneath. Available information in the listing stated that Samsung would label each "cradle" with the appropriate ring size a consumer purchased.

The mockup also detailed where a user would plug in the USB charging cable to top up its internal battery. The FCC showed that the Galaxy Ring will arrive in ring sizes ranging from five to 12.

In other news, the Galaxy Ring was rumored to feature quite a healthy battery life of nearly 10 days. Samsung Electronics President Roh Tae-moon confirmed this fact during the Ring's showcase at MWC 2024. So, with that in mind, it remains to be seen if users can carry around this Galaxy Ring case or if it's something that remains static at home.

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