Galaxy Ring's stop at the FCC spoils a charging 'cradle' and confirms specs

Close up of the Samsung Galaxy Ring
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What you need to know

  • The Galaxy Ring made a pitstop at the FCC, and with it came confirmation about ring sizes, battery capacities, and a charging "cradle."
  • The device will hit the market in nine sizes, and its battery capacity ranges from 17mAh to 22.5mAh.
  • The FCC listing also spoiled a charging "cradle," though it contains little information besides a photo of its underside.

Samsung's upcoming first-generation smart ring is passing through its certification hoops, but its stop at the FCC spills more than expected.

As spotted by DroidLife, the Galaxy Ring is listed under the FCC ID "A3LSMQ503" within its official report. From the listing, it seems confirmed that the device will hit the market with nine models, each with its respective ring size. Information about eight of the sizes, minus SM-Q503, are as follows:

  • SM-Q500 (Size 10)
  • SM-Q501 (Size 11)
  • SM-Q502 (Size 12)
  • SM-Q505 (Size 5)
  • SM-Q506 (Size 6)
  • SM-Q507 (Size 7)
  • SM-Q508 (Size 8)
  •  SM-Q509 (Size 9)

The FCC's listing for the Galaxy Ring contained battery information for each device. Ring sizes five through seven will feature a 17mAh battery. Sizes eight through eleven boast 18.5mAh batteries, while the larger size 12 Galaxy Ring sees a 22.5mAh capacity battery.

The listing continues by quickly mentioning a "charging cradle" for the Galaxy Ring. More substantial information about it is unknown, aside from a picture of the cradle's apparent underside to highlight the FCC's marking. The listing reportedly details that Samsung will label each cradle according to whichever model (and ring size) a consumer has purchased.

Eyes on with the Samsung Galaxy Ring at MWC 2024

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The publication also picked up official photos of the rings, courtesy of Samsung. The pictures show off the device in various sizes and from different angles. Additionally, it seems the device will connect to devices via Bluetooth LE.

An earlier leak from March suggested that the Galaxy Ring could run for about 10 days. It then dipped into the potential battery sizes of the device, purporting its smallest size could see a 14.5mAh battery while the largest could sit at 21.5mAh. However, with the current FCC listing, those numbers have increased slightly at both ends.

Meanwhile, we've heard rumors about Samsung's potential to bring nine Galaxy Ring sizes to consumers based on American ring sizes. There was speculation that the ninth would either be given an "SM-Q503" or "SM-Q504" model number; we've now seen that it's the former. Still, information about SM-Q503 is unknown. There's a chance this device takes the ring size up to 13, but we'll have to wait and see.

We expect Samsung to debut its Galaxy Ring, among several other devices, during its summer Unpacked event. Rumors state this could happen on July 10 in Paris, France.

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