It's not always easy finding a great deal on wireless service. At times, deciding among the most popular carriers can mean choosing between what's affordable and what's reliable. However, Visible truly offers the best of both worlds. Powered by Verizon, Visible's Unlimited plan costs just $40 per month for unlimited calls, text, and data — and thanks to its summer sale, the price is dropping even lower for a limited time.

Through July 1, new customers at Visible can score their first two months of the Visible Unlimited plan for only $15 per month — taxes and fees included. Simply use promo code SUMMER during checkout to redeem this offer. At Visible, there are no annual contracts, no hidden fees, and no costs to cancel if ever you do decide to switch to another carrier.

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Visible Unlimited plan

Powered by Verizon, Visible offers Unlimited calls, texts, and data for just $40 per month. Right now, new customers can score the first two months for only $15 per month with the following promo code at checkout.


With coupon: SUMMER

After your first two months of service have passed, your Unlimited plan at Visible will rise to its normal price of $40 per month. However, with Visible's Party Pay feature, you can save monthly when you invite other friends to join Visible with you. By signing up for a Party with friends or family, you and those in your Party can cut the cost of service down to just $25 per month. The best part is that unlike family plans where the lines are connected to the same account, everyone who joins your Party on Visible will have their own separate, private accounts and will be billed separately as well.

Visible also offers customers a month of service for only $5 every time a new friend you've referred joins the service — even when you're in a Party.

As Visible is powered by Verizon, you'll have access to arguably the best 4G and 5G LTE networks in the country with coverage for over 99% of the U.S. population. The biggest difference between Visible and Verizon is that Visible operates entirely virtually while Verizon has tons of stores across the country filled with employees — that their customers are footing the bill for whether they visit those retail locations or not. Visible lets you manage your account all on your own using the Visible app or on its website, though there's also 24/7 access to human assistance via chat if you have any questions or issues in need of addressing.

If you're still unsure about Visible, you can learn even more about the service in our review where it scored four out of five stars thanks in part due to its simple plans, unlimited LTE and 5G data, and affordable pricing. Be sure to sign up soon as Visible's summer savings event comes to an end on July 1.

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