Virgin Mobile Canada launching the HTC Sensation

If you weren't digging the fact of possibly having to sign a new contract with Bell in order to get your hands on an HTC Sensation when it arrives in Canada then I've got some great news for you depending on how you look at it. Virgin Mobile Canada has announced that they to will be releasing the HTC Sensation. That means you can likely pick this one up on a Virgin Tab agreement when it comes out but the bad news is of course -- your money will still go to Bell since they own Virgin Mobile in Canada.

Source: Twitter; via: MobileSyrup

  • I'll say it again, F**K you Verizon.
    Thanks for nothing.
  • It's a GSM phone, this wouldn't work with Verizon. They're worried bout LTE which loads pages faster than any Dual Core GSM device can right now.
  • Virgin mobile is getting it too, wow who knew...oh that's right Bell own Virgin bah!!! Telus get this phone and I will sign a new contract ASAP!!
  • It's it "your" instead of "you're"*? Just saying..
  • Really nice device. Maybe we'll see more high end phones for the US Virgin Mobile too?