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Verizon to offer free streaming of NFL games this weekend

Verizon has featured the NFL Mobile app for some time, which allows users to view live streams of NFL games from the NFL Network. The service will run you $10 per month (on top of data), which is probably a barrier to entry for many. As such, Verizon will be allowing smartphone users to try the app for this weekend. Starting Monday, Nov. 22, you will have to pony up that $10 to continue getting the games. Verizon customers should be able to find the app under the "Verizon" tab of the Market, or you can enter your number on the promo site and you will get install instructions. Click past the link to see full details and features. [Verizon]

  • and this is why Verizon tops!!!
  • This is why I still have the same app on my EVO! Sprint was smart, give up the rights too the app, and spend all that money on commercials during the games!
  • Nice promotion, but I can't imagine watching the game for 2 hours on a phone...I don't care how big the screen. Not worth $10 of my money per month.
  • I've had this app since I first got my DINC in June and I have been able to watch the games all season. I haven't been charged for it. Does this mean I will now lose that after this weekend????? The app is cool. I didn't know they charged for it though. I checked over my bill and I know I haven't been getting charged. I just thought it came with VZW. My sister in law has a blackberry and she gets it free on her blackberry too. Will we now start getting charged?
  • If I remember right, Verizon originally said they were going to allow free streaming of games through the regular season, then they changed their policy but said that everyone who installed the app before the policy change would still get the free streaming. You must have gotten it before because I think they changed it shortly after the DInc was released. I would say you are probably safe & won't be charged.
  • Yeah I got my Droid Incredible relatively late - June 2010. Got the NFL app soon after and I've had the free streaming since. Pretty solid. I like it for the Sunday night and Thursday night games because they stream in widescreen. I also have the DirecTV Sunday Ticket To-Go app and can watch any of the games on Sundays - but those are not in widescreen. Verizon definitely has the better streaming quality.
  • You failed to mention that even though you have NFL Sunday Ticket you ALSO need to pay $50 for Sunday Ticket To-Go; as the free app does nothing for you...
  • Right... sorry I failed to mention that. It's a comment not an instruction manual. I happen to have both and said that I prefer the free Verizon one for the games that it allows. I was grandfathered in since I downloaded the app a while back.
  • haha, i just checked my bill because i thought maybe i was paying $10 / month for it when i don't use it all that often. i've had my DInc since the day it came out and i've been able to watch the games whenever they're available. i'm not paying for the service either. as for the app, it's nice to have when i'm not around a TV to watch the game or when i was in Vegas betting on the games; watching one and had red zone going on my phone for updates. it's cool but i couldn't pay $10 / month for it.
  • I don't watch the full games, but I've turned on the live feed from time to time just to check it out... I haven't been charged anything on top of my unlimited data... Weird...
  • This will be great since my team isn't being shown in my area this weekend!
  • That's what you think buddy all NFL blackouts apply to mobile too. They blackout based on GPS data.
  • i'll check it out cuz its free but totally agree with above - not worth $10/month. if i'm watching a game, i'm watching it on my 61" Samsung hidef TV at home, not my 4.0" Samsung hidef phone.
  • I watched the game last night on my Fascinate, not bad. But you couldn't get me to pay 10 bucks a month for that. Really, what's up with that? It does make sense for someone who can't be in front of a television.
  • As with alot video playing apps they suck playing on my X its not optimized for the 4.3screen.
  • when Sprint had the Nfl it was free all the time another reason not to like Verizon they charge for everything sure glad they dont have Nascar would have to pay extra for that too i bet
  • Umm, I have got Sunday Night games all year for free on my Incredible. As well as Red Zone.. why is this news?
  • You probably downloaded it before Verizon decided to start charging. Read:
  • Again, it is news because the only people who were allowed free streaming were people who were lucky enough to be able to download the app before Verizon changed its offer to allow it to everyone for the whole season. That left everyone out who owns a Droid X, Droid 2, and even the people who were on waiting lists for the Incredible along with everyone else who has gotten any Verizon Android phone since. It is great news to them.