Verizon extends Droid Charge 4G hotspot trial until June 16

There was some concern that the delay in releasing the Samsung Droid Charge would not give potential users the time they need to use and evaluate the free 4G LTE hotspot, but it looks like all that is soon to be put to rest.  In this internal memo from Verizon we see that the trial period is bring extended to june 16, giving everyone who is planning on picking up a Droid Charge come May 14 a little over a month to use and abuse some LTE data.  Nice call, Verizon.

We don't know if this offer is going to extend to Thunderbolt users, or what (if anything) this means about the end of unlimited data plans.  We do know that having an LTE hotspot can come in really handy, and may just save your bacon in a crowded press room where the number of users is higher than the number of cat5 cables, though.  Be sure to put it through the paces if you pick up a Charge.

Thanks, Anon!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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