U.S. retailer nabs Galaxy Note 10.1 ahead of official announcement, shipping today

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, though unveiled back at Mobile World Congress, hasn't been announced for the U.S. market yet. However, retailer Negri Electronics says it's got its hands on Note 10.1 stock ahead of time, and it'll begin shipping them to pre-order customers today, Aug. 3. Price-wise, you're looking at a cool $750 to get your mitts on Samsung's latest quad-core, stylus-toting Android 4.0 tablet.

The version on sale at Negri​ is the Wifi and 3G version, which includes a quad-band HSPA+ radio, allowing you to use it on European networks and AT&T in the U.S. Other specs include a 1.4GHz Exynos 4 Quad chip, 16GB of storage and a 10.1-inch, WXGA (1280x800) display for you to use with that Wacom-powered "S Pen."

The Note 10.1 went back to the drawing board after it was officially announced at MWC, getting a new CPU and a redesigned chassis with a slot for its S Pen. The tablet was widely expected to be officially unveiled at a special Samsung Electronics event on Aug. 15. If Negri's shipping plans pan out, though, devices may already be in customers' hands by the time that announcement takes place.

Source: Negri Electronics, @NegriElectronic, via: Engadget

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  • $750 seems a bit much for a tablet. Can't wait to see a review if you guys get your hands on one.
  • Its because it is not a Wifi Only version. Plus I think this retailer is marking up higher than normal because they have them early
  • $750 for an android tablet and only a 1280x800 display. Have you bumped your head Samsung? Did you totally forget last year all together? This is the dumbest move since the Xoom.
  • wow pricy good luck selling those
  • Totally missing the price point. This will sell miserably.
    What a sin.
  • $750 is the grey market import price... It will be less when it is actually released here. Probably closer to $500-$600.
  • Right, plus the one they are selling isnt the wifi only. No one gets tablets with Data its ridiculous
  • well not ridiculous but best left up to the carriers to offer the populace with discounted contract pricing. Either way having mobile data would be nice but not worth it to me at all. I mean thats what my s3 and its 4.8 inch screen is for. But for every user is vender willing to make their every wish come true.
  • Why Is it ridiculous? After owning the Xoom I got the Prime and now have the retina iPad. I just got my LTE iPad 64gb iPad in the mail today. It might be ridiculous to you but to me it is the only way to go. I'm tired of tethering my Galaxy Nexus especially since if I'm going to have to use it for more than 15 minutes you have to plug it in. Plus if your on Verizon's share everything plan you can add a tablet for $10 to your account. Wifi isn't the way to go for everyone. I primarily bring my tablet to class and work and I'm not home for 12-15 hrs a day. Even with two batteries on my Galaxy Nexus I can't even make it through half the day while tethering it. With my iPad I'm getting over 10 hrs with LTE and 8 if I'm tethering while also using and at no extra cost. As these new share everything plans become the norm you will see a lot more 4g powered tablets being sold. It's great watching a Netflix on my lunch while running my LTE hotspot and checking my email and such on my Nexus 7.
  • 3 Nexus 7 devices for the price of 1 of those. Terrible pricing.
  • Wow I guess no one reads here
  • Reading takes time and effort. It's easier to just be lazy and repeat the same crap over and over and over.
  • Yes, nobody reads anymore. Many just scan the headlines quick, look over the pretty pictures, and then fire off in the comments section.
  • Actual Price is $549 for 32GB Wifi
  • Why is it not a good idea to get a data plan with a tablet? I think I may want to surf on the go.
  • Do you not own a phone? How often are you out of wifi range with your tablet? Is it really worth another $50 a month to use it 1 hour a month when you have your tablet out of wifi range? Also if you own a phone you can tether the phone to your tablet for FREE.
  • If you get on Verizons shared plan (that no one seems to like for some reason)you can add a tablet for $10. Doesn't seem bad to me. Plus you lose speed when you tether.
  • I would take a complely wild guess and say no one likes it cause it's a collossal ripoff. It benefits MAYBE 5% of the customers and pulverizes the rest. $10 to add a tablet IS a good deal. But the ridiculous cost of data isn't.
  • If your not using 75gb a month on your phone then your great. The only people it "pulverizes" is the 5% that use over half of all the carriers data per month. The people that use their phones to download movies and crap when you can just do that on wifi at home makes no sense to me. I use my devices all the time and much more than the average person and with my iPad, Nexus 7 (running on iPad or Galaxy Nexus), Galaxy Nexus, and iPhone 4s I use less than 20gb per month. That's on the high end and I'm gone to work for 9 hrs a day and school another 3 or 4 so I dont get home for hours sometimes. Not to mention I even use the hotspot on my MacBook Pro. If you use more than that on just a phone then that is ridiculous. At least in my opinion. I think you have it backwards for 95% of people (most consumers use less than 2gb per month) the share everything plans are going to work great and for the 5% power users that use all the data of course it wont. I used to use a boat load of data back in the early days but I was doing everything on my phone. Now I would rather pay the same for a phone and a tablet sharing data then just unlimited on my phone. I've tried the last couple months just tethering my phone to my tablet and I run though both my batteries in no time. I love LTE on my iPad my wifi one just sits around as it isn't very mobile.
  • How dare you have a different opinion!!
    In all seriousness, I have a data plan on my Xoom, and it does come in handy. On long drives I can have my phone plugged into my stereo playing pandora, while my woman is surfing the net on the Xoom. Also, if I were to switch to the share everything plan from Verizon, it would save me money, and I only have two devices.
  • If those are speakers on the left and right that's awesome. It's one of the only things I wish my Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire before that had done differently. Put the speakers forward facing and have them left and right while in landscape orientation.
  • The Xoom has back-firing speakers, but are surprisingly OK. But forward facing is a nice touch.
  • Yes those are speakers. The tab 2 has the same design. Its pretty loud.
  • They should have upped the screen resolution, especially at this price point, and yes I mean the WIFI only price point. Especially with a quad core exynos, I'm pretty sure it could handle 1080p a least...
  • duel-cores that were new last year such as the Snapdragon S3 could handle 1080p video playback so, that processor def can
  • Is anyone sure that they actually have it? And if so how did they get there hands on it?
  • I checked with one of the customer service reps and he told me that they did have them in stock and they were shipping out today.
  • WiFi no go. I'm not paying $5. A hour for WiFi. Tethering isn't free carriers can still tell your tethering and JTS nor as reliable as a built cellular radios.