Batteries and headphones and bluetooth, oh my!

While users could certainly just buy a phone and have that be the end of it, if you want to help get the most out of your Moto X, there's a few accessories you should consider investing in beyond a simple case. And after our months with the Moto X, here are the accessories that we believe can take your Moto X experience to the next level.

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Stands — bring your phone to new heights

Elevate your phone. Elevate your experience.

Between Moto Display and Moto Actions "Wake on approach", the Moto X can turn into a helpful little desk/bedside clock and assistant, and it does it even better on a stand. By elevating your Moto X, you can reduce the strain on your neck of craning over to look down at it. Car docks like the iOttie Easy One Touch 2 help elevate the phone on the road and keep it secure, but when you're lounging at home, you can go with a more informal stand, like my oversized coffee mugs with stretchy textbook covers in the bottom.

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Turbo Charger — because sometimes you just need a little extra juice

Charging is fine, but turbocharging is great.

While the Moto X's battery may not be as big and bursting with energy as we'd like, it does okay. When you need more than just okay, though, we have the Turbo Charger. It's a solid charger, but a bit bulky for travel. Thankfully, the "Quick Charge 2.0" standard Qualcomm uses in the Moto X is an open standard — meaning you can use any Qualcomm-approved charger for it. Read up on OEM quick-chargers here.

Battery packs — juice box to go

Charging doesn't have to make you a wallhugger.

When an outlet can't be found, an external battery pack will keep your phone alive. We at Android Central don't show much discrimination when it comes to brands of batteries, instead focusing more on the shape, capacity, and portability. We prefer long, flat, almost phone-shaped batteries because they're easier to pack and easier to pocket. We will say there is an extra benefit to the Power Pack Micro in that it can function as a trusted device.

Trusted devices — keep your phone open for business

Chances are you already have a Bluetooth device in your life. Make it part of your security.

Even though you can do some commands through Moto Voice even with your phone locked, being able to keep your phone unlocked when attached to a trusted device is the kind of thing that you never want to go without after you have it on a device. Thankfully, all of us who were hooked on Trusted Bluetooth on the first Moto X were able to keep the habit when stock Android integrated it as Trusted Devices in Lollipop. And while you can add a trusted place — or more recently a trusted body — adding a trusted Bluetooth device is still one of the most useful and popular. Most bluetooth devices can be set as a trusted device, so be it a smartwatch, a Motorola Keylink, or your favorite pair of bluetooth headphones, you can find the trusted device that fits your lifestyle.

So, there you have it. If you're seeking to elevate the experience of your Moto X — or just elevate the device on your desk at work — then here are some ways to extend the magic — and quite possibly the life — of your device. Are there any other accessories that help you and your Moto X do more? Feel free to give us your own list in the comments.

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