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Snag a $125 gift card when you treat your wrist to Samsung's Gear Fit2 Pro fitness tracker

Back upon its release in late 2017, we called Samsung's Gear Fit2 Pro the "best fitness tracker for most people" and smarter than most smartwatches, and to this day it's still plenty capable of keeping track of your workouts while receiving notifications from your smartphone, streaming music, and marking your location for every activity using its integrated GPS. For those who are interested, buying one now would be a wise choice as Samsung is currently offering a $125 Reward eCertificate with its purchase. That can be used just like a gift card towards your purchase of nearly anything sold on

This offer on the Gear Fit2 Pro is available on both small and large models in both red and black color variants. No matter which you choose, you'll be charged $199.99 for the fitness tracker while the $125 reward will be added to your cart automatically free-of-charge. In essence, you'll be paying just $75 for the Gear Fit2 Pro as long as you remember to put the eCertificate to good use, which will be emailed to you shortly after your purchase.

For more regarding the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro's capabilities, benefits, and downsides, be sure to read over our review of the fitness tracker.

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  • Skip this junk... Google gear fit pro 2 stop tracking steps and heart rate... It's Russian roulette when buying this. Mine was brand new 5 months old and stopped tracking everything. Samsung said its due to water damage and "all their swimming watches are not covered by water damage". I never got it wet besides for sweat. Any way save your money.
  • henhen59 is absolutely right. Worst fitness watch ever. The ads say it is water resistant but it is not. I only used it in a pool about 5 times. Never showered with it on or wore it in the rain. It stopped working so I sent it back. They said there was liquid in it and basically it was my fault. Would not replace and it was still under warranty. I even went to the head of North American operations. Worst customer service. Will never buy another Samsung product. BEWARE!!
  • It's really excellent fitness trackers and smart watch