Whether you're just getting started with smart lights or you are adding more to your setup, this sale on Sengled smart lighting is for you. It features everything from starter kits to additional bulbs and strip lighting that work great with iOS or Android, as well as voice assistants in your Amazon Echo or Google Home devices.

A bright idea

Sengled Smart Lighting

Get your smart lighting system started or add some extra bulbs to your existing setup with this limited-time sale on Sengled starter kits, bulbs, and strip lights.

Up to 40% off

The multicolor 2-bulb A19 starter kit is down to only $41.99 in this sale which is lower than it's ever gone before. In fact, it usually sells for much nearer $70. You can choose from over 16 million colors and shades of white to set the mood as well as set up smart home automations for certain times of day or when you leave or enter your home. If you don't need all those colors, you can save instead on the soft white 2-bulb A19 starter kit at just $23.99. It's usually $40. The Sengled hub can support up to 64 Sengled lights so you can add more over time to expand your system.

If you already have some bulbs set up, why not add some more or hook up a smart light strip behind your TV set or use it to add some ambient lighting to your kitchen or bedroom. Just be sure to get your orders in before Prime Day is said and done as these prices will rise after the event.

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