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As a deal hunter, every so often, a discount comes around that makes me text my friends and family. Of course, every price drop on Thrifter is one I'd recommend, but I'm talking about the deals that make me whip out my phone and text the group chat a bunch of 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 emoji. The deals that I buy immediately after posting. The deals that are such an obvious purchase to experts like myself that I lead up with an entire paragraph about how good they are. This is one of those times.

Amazon has the Anker PowerCore+ Mini Portable Charger on sale for only $10.98 right now. This thing has been going for at least $20 for the past couple of years. It never deviates. And currently, the black color can be yours for almost half off that MSRP.

This power bank is the size of a lipstick. That means it can slip into your life seamlessly and easily. You can carry it in your purse, backpack, or even your pocket. It's also the perfect size to slip into a stocking. Honestly, at this price, you should get one for your car, your desk, your daily carry, and your emergency-preparedness kit.

The PowerCore+ portable charger comes with Anker's PowerIQ technology, meaning it'll charge your device as quickly as possible, up to 1 amp. The power bank itself charges in about 3 hours using the included USB cord.

This isn't going to bring your iPhone X or Galaxy Note 9 from dead to full in half an hour like a more powerful portable charger, but those models are also discounted today if you're interested. However, once again, this thing is only $11, and it's the size of your thumb. It'll come in handy when you're traveling, when your friend steals your wall adapter, or maybe even when the zombies come and you need to Google Maps your way to safety. I'm just saying. It could happen.

Don't fall prey to the 150% markups at the airport when you need to buy a power bank because you forgot yours. Don't be caught with a dead phone when you're stuck in a snowstorm. Don't listen to your kids say "Sorry I'm home late, my phone was dead." Spend $11 and give yourself peace of mind. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go alert the group chat.

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