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Amazon is giving away free $5 credits for activating Music Unlimited

Get a free $5 promo credit to be used on anything sold and shipped by Amazon when you sign up for a free 30-day trial (opens in new tab) of Music Unlimited after entering promo code MUSIC5.

Amazon has learned their lesson from the last deal and added a few caveats to this one. First, this deal only applies to new subscribers. If you caught the last deal or have signed up for Amazon Music Unlimited before, you won't be eligible. Second, you need to be a Prime member. Third, you won't be able to create a bunch of new accounts for this promo because the accounts have to be older than October 1.

If you didn't already see, Amazon just announced a slate of new Echo and Fire TV products which are currently available to pre-order at a discount! Your promotional credit can be applied to any of those, like the new Echo Spot (opens in new tab).

Use the credit to get discounts on video games. Get Destiny 2 (opens in new tab) for $42 or Cuphead (opens in new tab) for $15.

Once signed up, you can immediately change (or cancel) your subscription to not auto-renew which will keep your card from being charged until you're sure you want to actually pay for the service.

Music Unlimited features streaming access to tens of millions of songs and thousands of playlists and stations. You can access Music Unlimited on your phone, tablet, computer, Alexa-compatible devices and more (opens in new tab). After the trial ends, the service costs $7.99 monthly for Prime members and $9.99 for non-Prime members.

This offer is valid through October 11, while the credit must be used before October 31.

Sign up at Amazon (opens in new tab)

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  • I signed up and I was going to buy something. I got to the point where say make purchase for the final time and the credit still wasn't applied. It showed the cost of what I was buying, taxes and delivery charge but no $10 credit
  • From what I read, you will get the $10 credit at the end of the Trial to make sure you don't cancel early. I could be wrong, cause my email says it was already applied. BUT you can't not use it to buy a gift card or similar. Has to be an item.
  • Got my credit 5 minutes after signing up and used it already.
  • Wonder where you read that? Makes zero sense since you need to make your purchase by 10/31....
  • Make sure the item you're trying to buy ships from AND is sold by Amazon and not just fulfilled by them.
  • I did and it even included free shipping. I made the purchase and it still didn't apply the $10. I can't even see on my account where I have $10. I cancelled the order
  • Man it looks like everything is just fufilled by Amazon lol
  • Nah, there are millions of ships and sold by Amazon products out there.
  • They need to do better. Google play has given 3-4 months free trial without strings attached. And so has Spotify.
  • Did either of them give you $10 to spend on ANYTHING else that they sell? I'll go ahead and answer it for you - nope!
  • $10, I mean $10 dollars with is that a book? A bag of chips? $10 ok. vs 3-4 months of free unlimited music which is the reason you are even looking at Amazon "Music". I guess to each his own.
  • My thoughts exactly. Music streaming is a competitive business right now, this is fools good and sometimes cashing in on these types of promos makes you ineligible for other promos that turn out to be way better, down the road. Waste
  • Fun fact: Amazon's music service is the third largest in user's right behind Apple Music and Spotify.
  • May need to try this again. Play music is a dumpster fire lately 😲
  • Might want to mention that this is for US only! Canada not included eh.
  • I had several trials with my family's amazon accounts in hope that the service will get better over time. But the only thing that improved is the player itself. Like the colors and setup. Other than that it's not even close to Spotify. Neither is Google or any other music streaming service.
  • Says all credits have been claimed when I click on the link.