A few different eero Home Wi-Fi systems are 20% off for a limited time

For a limited time, Amazon is offering 20% off a few different Eero Home Wi-Fi Systems. Prices start at just $239, and you can pick from a couple of configurations that best suit your home's needs. The most basic kit includes a single Eero Pro and a beacon, and you can also spend a bit more on a kit with two beacons, which will extend the signal over more square footage. Finally, if you're using these for a huge area, you might want to just get the set of three Eero Pros.

Keep your signal strong and your bank account intact with this deal, which is only around for a limited time.

This whole-home Wi-Fi system replaces your router, and it also works as a Wi-Fi extender and internet booster. It can cover a home up to five bedrooms with fast and reliable signal, and it's super easy to set up as well. It automatically keeps itself updated, so it'll keep working in the background without any difficult legwork required. The free companion app guides you through the setup, and you can use it to monitor your network, set parental controls, run speed tests, and even pause the internet. Time for homework? Want a screen-free family dinner? Turn the internet off temporarily. Should you ever need to expand your network, you can add more Eero products as needed, too. Your purchase is backed by a one-year warranty.

Louryn Strampe

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