Amazon drops its Fire TV hardware back to Black Friday pricing

Black Friday has come and gone, but Amazon wants to give you another shot at scoring its best pricing of the year on select Fire TV devices. These discounts are only around for a limited time, and there's no telling when the prices will be back again once they expire. Amazon also has the 39-inch Insignia Fire TV on sale for under $200, which is an absolute bargain.

The most-purchased item of 2018 was the Fire TV Stick, according to the Best of Prime list and right now you can get it for only $24.99. Or, add two to your cart and you'll get them for $40. This price is $15 off the normal cost.

Alternatively, if you're rocking 4K, opt for the upgraded Fire TV Stick 4K for $34.99. That's also a $15 discount. Purchasing two of the Fire TV 4K devices will wind up being $60 in your cart, which is an even better deal. If you don't need two TV sticks, you could bundle one with a third-generation Echo Dot for $64.98, which is only $5 more than we saw it on Black Friday. Note that there's currently a slight shipping delay on that bundle, but it is well worth it since you save so much compared to purchasing the devices separately.

These killer deals are valid on more than just the Fire Sticks, though. You can get the Fire TV Cube 4K for $70, the Fire TV Cube with Cloud Cam for $190, the 500GB Fire TV Recast for $190, or the 1TB Fire TV Recast for $230. Those are all about $10 more than we saw them on Black Friday, but the deals are still worthwhile if you missed your chance the first time.

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Louryn Strampe

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