Grab a Fire TV Cube for just $80 right now

Right now, you can score a Fire TV Cube (opens in new tab) for just $79.99. Though we did see a coupon recently dropping its price to $70, that offer was only available to select Amazon accounts, and afterward there was a discount exclusively for Prime members. Fortunately, this deal is open to anyone. This is its second-lowest price ever too. During its pre-order phase, it was available for $90, but since then it has mainly sold for $120.

CordCutters did a full review of the Fire TV Cube. Essentially, imagine the way you use an Echo Dot (opens in new tab) now to control all the wirelessly connected appliances around your home. Then imagine that control plugged into your TV so you can control everything plugged in there with your voice as well. That's what you get with this new device. It's a way to turn on the TV, play your favorite DVD, adjust the volume on your home audio system, dim the lights, and get your microwave to cook some popcorn all without moving from the best spot on the couch.

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  • That's a big I'll pass Amazon.
  • It would be interesting if this wasn't a step backwards from the Fire TV box gen 2.
  • Do not waste your money on the cube. Buy a Roku. Some streaming services not available on the cube like youtube tv or stage. Roku has alot more apps to choose from. I already ditched the cube to go back to Roku.
  • I was stupid and got a Roku. However, because of limitations of Roku, I can't use HDHomerun, my Emby app lacks some 0lay modes. The fire TV has just as good of app as Roku for YouTube. Yes it is going through the browser, but there is almost no difference from the Roku app. The other advantage of the Fire TV is you can see video from many sources in one place. If you haven't Hulu or Netflix, along with prime, it is a nice way to look for videos. I have used both and for me, the Roku, is way inferior.
  • Roku is strict. You can't add third party stuff on it to make your streaming experience the best. Hard pass on the Roku.
  • I'm having problems with the audio on mine. I can almost never play music. And frequently it stops responding to questions and commands. The blue light flashes like when she's talking, but no sound. However it does set alarms. I remove power and it sort of resets so she responds but still music doesn't play. Even remembers those alarms.
    I'm connected to my TV via HDMI, to control the TV and that works.
    Does anyone else have the same problem? What can I do to make my Cube work properly?
  • Call Amazon and get a replacement
  • The reason this is 80 so often is because buyers don't like it very much. Plus when it's 80 every other week what's the actual rush? Black Friday it will be 50 I bet