B&H has the two-pack of TP-Link Kasa HS110 Smart Plugs with Energy Monitoring on sale today only for $21.99. That saves you $28 off the bundle's price otherwise, though it sometimes sells for up to $60. Shipping is free.

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TP-Link Kasa HS110 Smart Plugs with Energy Monitoring

Bring your dumb appliances into your smart home and track exactly how much energy they use with these plugs. At this price, the bundle is the lowest we've seen it go but the deal is good for today only.

$21.99 $49.99 $28 off

The Kasa Smart Plug allows you to turn your electronics on or off from anywhere in the world using your smartphone and the free Kasa app for iOS or Android. The app lets you schedule the plug to automatically turn on or off when you leave for work each day or go to bed. It also has the capability of controlling multiple devices with a single button too. If you have a device with Amazon Alexa, like the Echo Dot, you can even voice control the smart plug to power on or off whatever's plugged into it. The main selling point of this particular plug is its ability to monitor the energy consumption of the device connected to it and give you real-time and historical power consumption data.

The HS110 plug has been discontinued in favor for the HS105 model. The newer version has most of the same smarts is more compact but doesn't offer the energy monitoring capability.

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