These Ring Video Doorbell bundle deals get you the new Echo Dot for just $10

Echo Dot 4th Gen Hero
Echo Dot 4th Gen Hero (Image credit: Amazon)

Ring's video doorbells let you add convenience and security to your front door and, thanks to this limited-time sale at Amazon, you can save when you bundle one of Ring's newest models with an Amazon Echo Dot. The sale features a few different Ring doorbell models all paired with Amazon's newest 4th-gen Echo Dot for just $10 extra. Considering the smart speaker was only recently released and has a $50 retail price, it's a solid saving.

Equip your front door with one of Ring's latest Video Doorbell models and you'll score a 2020 Echo Dot for not much more. That will enable two-way talk for convenient in-home monitoring and you'll get announcements when someone's at the door.

The 2020 Ring Video Doorbell featured in the sale is the second iteration of the product, stealing lots of features from the Ring Video Doorbell 3. That includes 1080p video for crispy viewing of whoever happens to be at your front door, improved audio quality, better motion detection, improved privacy, and new security features.

Now with the Ring Video Doorbell, you can use Privacy Zones to block out bits of the video you don't want to be recorded. It also has Near Zones to stop false notifications from things like traffic driving past your house or an insect on the camera lens.

Ring's Peephole Cam, also on offer, is the perfect Ring device for those who can't install a traditional doorbell but still want all the functionality that comes with having a Ring Video Doorbell at home. This device upgrades your door's current peephole with a 1080p HD doorbell that lets you see, hear, and speak to visitors.

You can set it up to send you alerts when someone knocks on the door, presses the doorbell button, or sets off the integrated motion sensors. Best of all, it's easy to install and comes with all the tools you need to get the job done in less than five minutes. No drilling or wiring is required. Since the Peephole Cam is already discounted, you're saving $30 on the video doorbell itself as well as $40 on the included Echo Dot.

The Echo Dot bundled in is Amazon's 4th-gen model which features some solid upgrades over its predecessor. Alexa commands are twice as fast thanks to an improved chip, the speaker is now front-facing for directed sound, and the speaker design is both more stylish and more energy-efficient. You can use it to get announcements when someone is at the door and for two-way talk with visitors, plus all of the usual Alexa smarts.

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