Know when to inflate with TEKTON's Instant Digital Tire Gauge on sale under $7

There are a few essential accessories every automobile owner should have stashed somewhere in their vehicle. USB car chargers and phone mounts are a given, but you don't want to forget diagnostic items either, like this TEKTON Instant Read Digital Tire Gauge. It's on sale for only $6.65 at Amazon today, and at nearly $5 off its regular cost, this tire pressure gauge hasn't been seen at a lower price since late 2014.

This handy compact tire gauge is perfect to stash in the glove box or center console of your vehicle, and there's also an integrated flashlight so you can see what you're doing even once night falls.

Before heading out on any long road trips, it'd be a wise idea to take a moment or two and check the air pressure in your tires. Tires with low air pressure run the risk of overheating and breaking down at high speeds, causing a potential blowout, and they can lower your gas mileage too. Rather than paying for a new tire or extra gas, try out this $6 digital tire gauge instead. It's equipped with a digital display which instantly shows an exact reading so there's no guesswork in whether your tires are sufficiently inflated or not. Its integrated nozzle ensures a tight seal with the valve stem for accurate measurements, and there's even a light built-into it which can come in handy once night falls.

Another nice feature is this gauge's automatic shutoff timer which turns it off after 30 seconds to preserve battery life. Speaking of which, you'll receive all the batteries you need to power it up with today's purchase. This product won't reinflate your tires, but it's still very useful in that you'll never have to wonder about whether it's time to reinflate or not. No more stopping at the gas station for a check; this gauge can be used anywhere from your driveway all the way to your destination so you'll only have to go re-inflate when it's actually time.

Alex Smith
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