Talk to friends and family with $100 off two Portal+ smart displays

Facebook Portal Plus Redesign
Facebook Portal Plus Redesign (Image credit: Facebook)

Along with the introduction of the new Portal Go back in September, Facebook also announced a new, redesigned Portal+. It's the top of the Portal line, and right now you can save $100 when you buy two. That means you can get two Portal+ devices for just $598 total instead of the $698 it would normally cost. You also get free shipping and the ability to ship to multiple addresses free if you want to send one to a family member or friend.

This is a great deal that applies to every member of the Facebook Portal lineup. You can even mix and match and get a Portal+ for yourself and a Portal Go for your family. If saving money is the ultimate goal, go with the Portal TV. It only costs $149 to begin with, so saving $100 off two means you're essentially getting a second device for just an extra $50. You can also find this sale at Amazon.

Portal Plus Facebook

Facebook Portal+ smart display | $100 off 2

The new and improved Portal+ is eligible for this sale and offers the best value considering it's the most expensive product in the Portal lineup. You can get two of the smart displays for less than $600.

The Portal+ includes a large, 14-inch display with a 1440p pixel resolution. It can even tilt for better angles while you're on a video call, and much like the other Facebook Portal devices its smart camera can follow you around while you're working or doing a presentation.

Sound won't be an issue either, as the Portal+ has room-filling stereo speakers. That's great whether you're talking with family and friends or using the display to stream your favorite music (works with most major streaming services like Spotify and Pandora).

The Portal+ does video calls better than other devices, and it really shines in that functionality. Because of that, it works with a wide variety of third party programs like Zoom and including Facebook's own Messenger and WhatsApp. You can even use the Portal+ to spice up your background with an AR library that includes special effects and masks.

If privacy is a concern for you, you can easily disable the camera and the mic. You can even block the lens withan integrated camera cover. Plus, all calls through Messenger or WhatsApp are encrypted.

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