The Kindle Scribe is $100 off for Cyber Monday, finally making it worth the purchase

The Amazon Kindle Scribe sitting on a shelf.
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Amazon's e-readers are found in nearly every home. These budget-friendly reading devices have famously long-lasting batteries and provide a delightful reading experience that mimics the ink-and-paper feel of traditional books, but without the need to destroy hundreds of trees or have lots of storage space. Thanks to Cyber Monday and Black Friday, one of the most premium Kindle devices is almost as affordable as some of Amazon's mid-range devices.

The Amazon Kindle Scribe comes with either the Basic Pen or the Premium Pen and keeps the tried-and-tested Kindle recipe largely intact. You get a large and beautiful 10.2-inch 300 ppi Paperwhite display with 35 LEDs and 16-level grayscale. It's easily one of the best Kindle e-readers if you like to read on larger screens.

While we criticized Amazon for pricing the Kindle Scribe too highly in the past, today's Black Friday deal fixes this problem. You can score $100 off the Kindle Scribe with the Basic Pen today, as well as similar discounts on other variants of the E Ink tablet. Although you don't get support for as many formats and as many writing features as an Onyx Boox, the Kindle Scribe does cost a lot cheaper and it delivers one of the best reading experiences from any tablet. The battery life is insane, lasting from anywhere between three to twelve weeks depending on your usage.

Enjoy reading your favorite e-books and comics, annotating documents, taking notes, and so much more with the Kindle Scribe this Black Friday. It's the perfect holiday gift for a loved one who enjoys reading, professionals such as lawyers who need to read a lot of books and documents, or even students who need to take a ton of notes.

Amazon Kindle Scribe 16GB with Basic Pen: $339.99 $239.99 at Amazon
Amazon Kindle Scribe 16GB with Premium Pen: $369.99 $264.99 at Amazon

Amazon Kindle Scribe 16GB with Basic Pen: $339.99 $239.99 at Amazon
Amazon Kindle Scribe 16GB with Premium Pen:
$369.99 $264.99 at Amazon

Amazon Kindle Scribe 32GB with Premium Pen: $389.99 $279.99 at Amazon

Enjoy $100 off the Kindle Scribe with Basic Pen with this awesome Cyber Monday deal. If you want the Premium Pen, you still save almost as much. The other models with 32GB or 64GB of storage are on sale as well, but they're nowhere near as cheap as the 16GB model. Besides, e-books don't take up a lot of space anyway.

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