Is there a Google Pixel Tablet keyboard cover?

Google Pixel Tablet held in hand, showing the 3D background feature in Google Meet
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Is there a Google Pixel Tablet keyboard cover?

Best answer: No. There isn’t a specific keyboard designed for the Google Pixel Tablet by either Google or other third-party companies. However, considering the tablet is designed for light productivity and more entertainment, smart home control, and other at-home smart hub experiences, this makes sense. This isn’t the type of tablet you’ll want to connect to a keyboard to get work done on anyway. With that said, if you really want to do that, you can connect most Bluetooth keyboards to the tablet and use an optional kickstand case to prop it up.

What are the best use cases for the Google Pixel Tablet?

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The Google Pixel Tablet seems to have it all, including shipping with a speaker dock so it becomes a smart home controller/smart speaker/smart display in the home when you aren’t actively using it. But one thing it doesn’t come with, nor work with, is optional productivity accessories designed specifically for the device. 

Keep in mind that with Bluetooth, you can theoretically connect most third-party Bluetooth keyboards to the tablet if you really wanted to use it for productivity. But there’s no fitted case with a keyboard built in so you’d need a separate kickstand case to prop it up into “laptop” mode. 

There’s no stylus included either, nor a special one from Google for the tablet. But the tablet does support the new USI 2.0 standard, which means you can use both standard capacitive touch styluses as well as USI 2.0 ones from other brands for taking notes, sketching, and more. 

The Google Pixel Tablet is really designed to be one that the whole family can use. It supports multiple personal profiles and can be used to watch movies, surf the web and social media, snap photos and take videos, make video calls, play games, access all types of apps, compose messages, and more. 

Since it’s designed to be more like a family device, chances are most users won’t be taking it with them to the office or the local coffee shop to get work done. They’ll use a laptop, Chromebook, or another tablet for productivity to accomplish that. 

So, while the Google Pixel Tablet does not work with a keyboard cover designed specifically for it, that really isn’t its intended use. Instead, check out these other great accessories you can buy right now for the new versatile tablet.

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  • petvas
    No, there is no keyboard cover. Google is marketing this tablet mainly for consumption and not as a productivity device. Maybe this will change in the future, but only Google knows..